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Writer’s Compass

Discover and express your truth with a private consult, or a variety of writing workshops.

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Books published include Write to Heal, In Light of the Truth, and Colourful Life of a Workaholic.

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Essential Oil

The Write to Heal Signature Essential Oil Blend has been created especially for you, to open the floodgates of your creative potential.

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Get the 7 Insights to Know Self ~ writing PDF or the HeartSpeak Meditation ~ healing download

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Healing Consults

Receive nourishment on all levels and aspects of your being. Attract positive life experiences, people, and events.

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Learning to Sail – Part 3

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Matthew rolled the trailer with the 3.8 metre Pacer across the sand and into the water. My job was to pull the trailer back up the beach a little. It was surprisingly light. Then I took a few steps into the water before climbing into the boat. He’d shown me how to put the Pacer

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Learning to Sail – Part 2

Tags : 

It’s late November, 2017 and a blissful evening for a stroll along the Mornington Esplanade. I capture the sun as it sets across the bay, and then sit on a large rectangular rock to gaze at the sea. Voices mix with the traffic behind me. Then I think I hear music and I’m lured by

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Learning to Sail – Part 1

Tags : 

The forecast is set for 19 degrees. It’s cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, and 23 kms/hr ssw winds — perfect conditions for learning to sail says my 18 years young instructor, Matthew. I feel like I’m 18 years young again too, and not about to turn 50, such is the excitement I feel

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What Does 2018 Represent For You?

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A spontaneous gathering took place two weeks before Christmas. At the time I felt inspired to thank everyone in my life for their continued support. I’d shared photos of previous vision boards, and had asked if anyone would like to know more about how to set an intent for 2018. That’s how the vision board

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Who Am I?

Tags : 

I had intended to name this post, confession… though it has no religious connotations and I’m not guilty of anything. So, who am I, seemed a more suitable fit. On the eve of launching the Travel ‘n’ Write guide I found myself unable to sleep. By 1am all manner of thoughts had flowed in and

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Life Experiences House Sitting

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House sitting has been quite a journey of delving deeper into self. The take away was discovering exactly where I want to put my roots down. If I had not branched out to different locations I may not have realised this truth. My first house sit, in March, was in the leafy seaside suburb of

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Write to Heal Signature Blend is a favourite perfume of mine. Whenever I need inspiration to work or refreshment to go out into my day I use the pulse point version. At once it reminds me of the beauties of nature, because of its bush essences. I love it. When I'm at home I use the essential oil to diffuse fragrance while I work or relax. It gives visitors a treat too.

Write to Heal Essential Oil

( Cathy. A. )

Leanda, you always encourage and inspire us to bring forth the true creative gifts that lie deep within us. To intuitively understand how to deliver to the group in a gentle and caring way so we feel supported and confident in sharing each others work. I Look forward to 'Much Much More' Writing!

Write to Know Self

( Karen )

An absolutely life changing session! Since my session I’ve lost 15kgs, been much more positive and vibrant, attracted a positive relationship and been able to move on from my negative relationships. I am much stronger and more confident within myself and for the first time in my life I actually LOVE being me!!!! I have recommended this to all my friends!

Healing Session

( Judy )

Thanks Leanda for a great training. Your Usui Reiki knowledge and experience is incredible and your relaxed and beautiful nature made the training fun and interesting.

Usui Reiki Certificates

( Debbie )

If you are interested in an inspiring and swift passageway to a deeply healing meditation experience, I recommend the Sound Reiki HeartSpeak meditation. Always, after time spent in this beautiful meditation, I come back to everyday life with a deeper sense of inner peace and optimism.

HeartSpeak Meditation (download)

( Debby )

I have just completed Leanda’s ‘7 Insights To Know Self’, which is a wonderful read, filled with mindful exercises to ponder over.

7 Insights to Know Self PDF

( Camilla )

Gifting myself with retreats has had lots of flow on effects in my life. I am very grateful to Leanda for being such a meticulous and genuine facilitator.’

Workshop Facilitator

( Gloria )

Sound Reiki has awoken a sleeping sad and lost soul. I feel I have a purpose now. So THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.’

Sound Reiki®

( Rhonda )

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