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Getting Out There

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I write to you today from this wooden plank about getting “out there”.

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The tide is out, and I feel caught between two worlds; the noise of traffic behind me and the tranquility of the ocean before me.


I think about my visit to the hairdressers yesterday. While waiting, I’d picked up a magazine. Actress Rebecca Gibney was on the front cover. I’ve always admired her. What I didn’t know about, was her longstanding issues with self-doubt.

In the article she admitted that she doesn’t hide the fact that her hair and makeup are fake. Otherwise, she’s real, and loves her female friends as they’ve have helped her face her self-doubts.

It got me thinking about my upcoming author talk at my local library, and how the time has come to put myself “out there”. I’ve reached an important level in my publishing career… give it my all or get a job. And when a dear friend from my school days recently said to me, “You’ll have to put your high heels on and get yourself an $80,000 per year secretary job,” I almost choked on my Earl Grey tea!

As I sit here admiring the view, I marvel at how real the world is without my sunglasses. I broke them a week ago, sat on them as I stepped into my car. I’d never done this before. It was yet another nudge to get over myself, and get on with it.

It was an unveiling of sorts, to see the world as it really is.

I remember my first pair of sunnies. They were super trendy at the time… a white based frame speckled with bright colours — the designer, Jonathon Skeats. I wore them for many years. I think I replaced them simply to keep up with the fashion trends. Ray Bans came next, and I wore them until they wore out. These were then replaced with a cheap pair of black frames, with a touch of silver on the arms. While my sons laughed at these, I didn’t care, they did the job. Until I sat on them!

I’ve always had sensitive eyes and intuitively felt it was important to protect them. Though, I acknowledge now that for many years I wore them as a form of hiding. So, how long could I last without my sunnies, I wondered.

It’s been one week, and I’ve noticed a thing or two.

When I’m not looking through Polariod lenses the scene before me is real, the colours are not fake and unrealistic.


I’m not hiding. People who pass me in the street when I’m on my walks stop to say hello, instead of rushing by, as though my eyes had sent them a greeting card. Young children especially, connect in honest and endearing ways… a girl sang while moving around me in a circle, not taking her eyes off mine. And a boy looked up to meet my gaze and said, ‘Hi and bye!’

It wasn’t until after these beautiful moments had passed than I questioned whether I had paid close enough attention. My eyes, though, were no longer shielded from the bright sunlight or people. I was and am being real.

This is not to say I won’t seek my next pair of sunglasses. Though, I’ll appreciate using them only when truly needed.

What about you… do you love your sunnies? Have you faced issues of self-doubt? Thank you for reading. I’d love for you to share your comments below. If you’d like to attend one of my author talks, you can find the info here.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Peace of Mind

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You know that feeling when you’re far far away, deeply immersed in what you’re doing and something or someone, happens to disturb your peace of mind. I can see an analogy for this.

Imagine, you’re cocooned in a balloon. Suspended. Weightless. Content to be with your thoughts and ideas. Then along comes someone with a pin to burst your bubble. BAM! The air… your peace… fragmented. Your thoughts and ideas scattered in all directions.

That’s where I was, deep in my book with thoughts for inclusions, feeling inspired and motivated. In the flow.

When “said son” got out of bed, after a bite to eat he headed to the gym. Great! I’ll keep writing, I thought. It was only when he returned did I realise it was 10am and I was still in my pj’s and hadn’t showered! So, I left my seat eager to shower and dress, and get back to my project.


As I stepped out of the shower, over the noise of the exhaust fan I thought I heard the thud of music infiltrate through the walls. Exiting the bathroom, the doof doof was accompanied by words of a song—a repetitive tune.

What to do?

I pondered. There were various angles from which I could respond. The space wasn’t solely mine. My sons and I shared it. I understood “said son” was in cleaning mode, and de-cluttering the mess in his room meant he’d find much needed clarity. I honoured this. I could take my work elsewhere and visualised sitting in my car, beachside. That would work, at least until the battery on the laptop ran out. I recognised that once-upon-a-time there would only have been my “my way”. Let’s not go there!

In seeking a solution, I found a compromise, something we could all work with to invite harmony and balance to our day. I saw that nothing “happens” to us, everything is an opportunity for self-development and growth. In this case it was an invitation for peace. I’m grateful I stopped to take notice.

In conclusion, I can say the music didn’t last too long, and I utilised my time with other chores, that I often pushed aside. When the house fell silent once more, I then returned to my writing project. Being flexible helps keep us in the flow.

Okay, time to get back to my bubble. I invite the thoughts and ideas to re-enter my head and heart, filling me with enlightening whispers once more.

How do you respond or react to interruptions?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Discover Your Potential

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Photo Credit: M.K. ‘Apple Blossoms’

What is your perception of what is required to be creative?

Do you believe, like many, that you do not have a creative bone in your body?

What does creativity add to your life?

Many have deemed that if ‘it’ doesn’t pay the bills then why do it.

Would you like to discover your potential?

Life and how we view it is all about our perception. Our perceptions have been moulded from our life experiences, where life events have presented us with a choice as to whether we respond or to react to any given situation.

What if we are all here to simply learn to live in peace, joy and harmony?

What if we all let go of the burdens, life injustices and fears that keep us bound in a particular way of doing and instead remained connected with our innocent inner child, living our days in wonder and exploring our multidimensional selves by simply being?

Yes, this could be deemed as an idealistic viewpoint.

However, has anyone ever said to you “Have you any idea what you’re capable of?”

I have, and the answer was ‘No’. This question, though has proved to be invaluable as I continue to investigate what my full potential might be. If there is a limit. For many believe, as I do, that there are no limitations.

When I look to the horizon where I see the sea meet the blue sky—this to me, represents our unlimited potential.

I digress…

What is your perception of creativity?

Does it hold value for you?

How important is it to you?

What is it?

For me, to be creative is an expression of who I am and how I feel…

Every photo I take belongs to a story ~ Tweet this!

Every word I share is connected to a feeling ~ Tweet this!

Every action I take is another attempt to discover who I am ~ Tweet this!

This is a deeper reason why I created the Write to Heal Signature Blend and Essential Oil Blend because I want to inspire you to discover your potential.

Are you ready and willing?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥


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Free Promotion

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Welcome to the world of KDP Select, where one has the opportunity to offer free promotion of their eBook! This post is a continuation of last weeks post Submission. Here I will reveal the scenario and what I learned from embracing this course of action.

The process was surprisingly revealing and involved surrender, release and letting go of my eBook with a free promotion over 5 days. The easiest way to explain this is to segment it into stages.


I’d reached a point where I was ready to take the next step. My eBook was sitting stagnant in the slush pile of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. While I am hugely grateful my eBook had sold 31 copies since its launch date in July 2014—to date, it occurred to me that the time had come for it to be seen by a larger audience.


I became addicted to watching the number of units downloaded, it reached to 257 on the first day. Then I was in awe of my author ranking dropping from almost #1,000,000 to #971 come day two. Yet, by day 4 it had risen again into the thousands. I can best describe this experience as a roller-coaster ride of emotion, which spurred me on to make sure I covered all the avenues of marketing I had available.


What became clear was I recognised the paradox of living in two worlds. There is the 3 dimensional egotistical vortex which I allowed myself to be drawn into. Then there is the 5 dimensional world of love, forgiveness and gratitude, where intuitively and at my heart I know why I am here, and detachment of all things is part of this.

Stage 4: OUTCOME

By the end of this process I wrote in my journal about how grateful I am that maybe one of the 597 people who downloaded my eBook may be inspired by my words, the words I’d felt inspired to write. It highlighted the truth that to assist another to write their story is worthwhile, and from this I came to appreciate my sense of self-worth.

I am one piece in the large jigsaw of humanity.  

It’s not about the reviews, the ranking, or the number of units sold or given away, these are all by-products of the healing that took place in me when I wrote it in the first instance. 

I am not what the outcome appears to be—I simply am.

I invite you to daydream on the photo below (taken from the same spot as in the post Submission). Imagine you are one of the trillions of sparkles that you see on the water. You have within you a bright shining gem to share with the world. Be brave and take the next step. I’ll be there in support of you all the way!


What was the last thing you gave away for free and what did you learn from this? Please share in the comments section.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle ♥


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Downtown Toronto at Alda's Condo and the CNN Tower

Sister Cities

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Downtown Toronto at Alda's Condo and the CNN Tower

CNN Tower ~ Downtown Toronto

‘Melbourne and Toronto are sister cities’, is what I was told before I journeyed there. Yet I questioned how they could be.

Toronto has several meanings, ‘meeting place’, ‘where there are trees standing in water’ and ‘plenty of people’. Melbourne, is merely referred to as an urban agglomeration.

While my old Melbourne numberplate reads, ‘the place to be’, the Toronto numberplate slogan is ‘Yours to Discover’.

Through my eyes, there were few comparisons. Downtown Toronto has a few lush green parklands like Melbourne and the suburbs vary from one to the next. Both are multi-cultural cities. That’s where the similarities end.

An influx of 18 new condo’s (apartment buildings as we call them) were under construction while we were there. Walking the grid of Toronto’s downtown corridors I felt compelled to look up, in search of the sky and space. I asked Helen (my travel companion) to do the same. Did she see or feel what I saw and felt?

Yes. Skyscrapers surrounded us. The energy felt… oppressive. We could have been rats in a maze. It was in that moment that I appreciated Melbourne for its open spaces, pleasing aesthetics and architecturally designed buildings. I pause to wonder if Melbourne will end up in a similar situation.

Away from Downtown Toronto the towns we travelled to and stayed at resided within the area known as Ontario, meaning ‘beautiful lake’ or ‘beautiful water’. There are reportedly 250,000 lakes and over 100,000 kilometres of rivers in this province (wiki.answers.com). This makes Canada one of the most valuable places in the world due to the precious resource, known as water.

We were fortunate to be in walking distance from our condo to the Lakeshore. Lake Ontario is so vast it looks like the sea, ripples like the ocean, yet the smell of salty sea air is strangely absent.

I always find it humbling to travel to another country, if only to further appreciate home. A sincere ‘thank you’ to our dear friend Alda who gave us the opportunity to experience the heart of Downtown Toronto.

Do you appreciate your home-land? Have you travelled and seen or experienced things that have made you reflect more favourably on the country you live in?

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle♥