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Peace of Mind

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You know that feeling when you’re far far away, deeply immersed in what you’re doing and something or someone, happens to disturb your peace of mind. I can see an analogy for this.

Imagine, you’re cocooned in a balloon. Suspended. Weightless. Content to be with your thoughts and ideas. Then along comes someone with a pin to burst your bubble. BAM! The air… your peace… fragmented. Your thoughts and ideas scattered in all directions.

That’s where I was, deep in my book with thoughts for inclusions, feeling inspired and motivated. In the flow.

When “said son” got out of bed, after a bite to eat he headed to the gym. Great! I’ll keep writing, I thought. It was only when he returned did I realise it was 10am and I was still in my pj’s and hadn’t showered! So, I left my seat eager to shower and dress, and get back to my project.


As I stepped out of the shower, over the noise of the exhaust fan I thought I heard the thud of music infiltrate through the walls. Exiting the bathroom, the doof doof was accompanied by words of a song—a repetitive tune.

What to do?

I pondered. There were various angles from which I could respond. The space wasn’t solely mine. My sons and I shared it. I understood “said son” was in cleaning mode, and de-cluttering the mess in his room meant he’d find much needed clarity. I honoured this. I could take my work elsewhere and visualised sitting in my car, beachside. That would work, at least until the battery on the laptop ran out. I recognised that once-upon-a-time there would only have been my “my way”. Let’s not go there!

In seeking a solution, I found a compromise, something we could all work with to invite harmony and balance to our day. I saw that nothing “happens” to us, everything is an opportunity for self-development and growth. In this case it was an invitation for peace. I’m grateful I stopped to take notice.

In conclusion, I can say the music didn’t last too long, and I utilised my time with other chores, that I often pushed aside. When the house fell silent once more, I then returned to my writing project. Being flexible helps keep us in the flow.

Okay, time to get back to my bubble. I invite the thoughts and ideas to re-enter my head and heart, filling me with enlightening whispers once more.

How do you respond or react to interruptions?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Bring Balance to Your Life

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On many an occasion I’ve either been asked how I keep thin or how I seem to maintain a positive attitude when things aren’t flowing well! No, I don’t have a thyroid problem, and I don’t pop pills 😉

For me, keeping slim and being happy are achieved from attempting to live a balanced life.

So how might you bring balance to your life?

I believe the key areas of balance are to—

maintain our health… mental, emotional, physical, spiritual

honour our relationships… partner, family, friends, acquaintances

appreciate our career… the part we play in the world is an important piece of the whole

embrace our sense of adventure… travel and explore things we’ve not done before

Breaking these points down further we benefit from—

eating healthy foods

exercising daily

taking the time to relax, meditate or be mindful in any given task

breathing deeply

laughing often

nurturing our intuition

balancing our energy centres (chakras) daily

being grateful

talking to our inner child that wants to play

immersing self in nature

writing a daily journal / being creative

sharing compassion, love and kindness in all we do

living for now

The above assists you to Be You and to Love You

How do you bring balance to your life? Can you recall the last moment that took your breath away? Please share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle 



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Here and Now

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Do you ever wonder what’s next? Where’s this journey taking me?

If you have, does it bother you, consume your thoughts, bind you to an unknown future where many potentialities exist?

Why is it so difficult to remain present in the here and now?

You may recall—if you’ve been following this years posts, that it was my intent to pull self back from future or past thoughts and revert to I am here. Considering we are only 15 weeks away from completing this year, I feel it is a poignant time to bring this message back into focus and share with you how I’m doing being.

I truly love how when you put an intent ‘out there’ it shows up in so many aspects of your life.

At the forefront of my focus in the here and now is when I’m in the presence of loved ones. I used to feel it was an accomplishment to multitask. Now I see this behaviour plays havoc with my energy—the result being that when fully in the here and now, the other person feels respected, appreciated and validated/worthy of the space I am holding for them in that moment.

In my work—written and/or healing, to effectively communicate and express my truth, using discernment and clarity, it is imperative I am in the here and now… for we have all experienced miscommunication and this doesn’t bode well.

As more people commute by car our roads become more congested, being in the here and now enables us to pre-empt another’s mistake giving us the opportunity to avert an unwanted catastrophe.

I love cooking and I soon know if I’m not in the moment when I burn a finger… fortunately this occurs less often 😉

Cooking leads to eating… I find eating a major challenge to fully embrace mindfulness when there is conversation at the dinner table, as this requires me to be in two places at once. I love being attentive to what my loved ones are expressing and I equally love my food. So how does one choose? Do we implement another culture—like that of Chile, where a friend told me eating is sacred and talking is deemed to be rude—or do we practice flitting from one nuance to the other in-between mouthfuls of food and our intake of breath?

All I know is I appreciate the importance of mindful eating, even if I’m not able to practice it often.

There are many more areas of life in which we have the opportunity to be in the moment. I feel what’s important is whatever we are doing, it will be more effective, efficient and satisfying when we are fully present.

The here and now equates to being… the solution as to why it’s so difficult to remain in the here and now is we’ve not been taught the benefits. Like anything worth doing, it takes practice, patience and more practice.

Are you doing or being in this moment? If you had to re-read one or more of the words in this post where did your thoughts migrate to? Share your thoughts and/or experiences in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Essential Oils for Students

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A Student Reading her Story

It’s not easy being a parent. We’re not given an instruction manual on how to raise our offspring to be intelligent, resilient and exceptional beings.

I believe the majority of parents want whats best for their children…

  • to learn and attain knowledge
  • to be happy and content
  • to love and be loved
  • to find meaning and purpose in their daily lives
  • to make wise choices and know they have the freewill to change these when necessary
  • to succeed in all they undertake

Often though, what we consider to be the best course of action for our offspring—to realise all these wonderful attributes—is not aligned to what they require. We forget that while they are part of us and part of the whole, they have their own unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We forget that we were once their age exploring, experimenting and pushing the boundaries to find out where we fit into the scheme of things.

All of us, no matter our age desires to belong.

On this journey called life we encounter many experiences that develop our patterns of behaviour. Some of these behaviours block us from being the best we can be. While the student may feel ‘less than’, the teachers also become frustrated with students who they believe ‘have the potential’ yet do not produce the written results. As for the parents, they continue to love their offspring yet don’t necessarily have the answers on how to improve any given situation.

This is where essential oils can assist our students to be at peace with themselves, to rise above the daily challenges and find the strength and ability to cope… with stress, when amongst their peers and when under the pressure of exams.

Essential oils improve the communication between our cells. ~ Tweet this!

Many essential oils are antiviral and are emotionally balancing. ~ Tweet this!

The use of essential oils aid our wellness and assist us to become independent. ~ Tweet this!

The alternative is manmade drugs and many can be counter-productive as you can read in this article by Dr. David Stewart, Ph.D. He shares why essential oils heal and drugs don’t. He clearly lists the differences between essential oils and pharmaceuticals—naming their properties, effects and consequences, and philosophies.

I remember how I felt at school. What I learned from this experience has contributed to creating the Write to Heal Signature Blend (pulse point) and Essential Oil Blend (for vaporiser). It is my intent to assist students of today to thrive instead of survive, to discover their potential and to embrace the myriad of elements they face on a daily basis with grace and ease.

Move beyond the fear of failure, anxiety and mental fatigue… and embrace the joy, mental clarity and develop self-acceptance.

To book your free introductory talk about the Write to Heal Signature Blend at your school (parent/teacher information evening) please contact the undersigned.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥