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Author Talk: Leanda Michelle

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My first author talk in Australia was a heartwarming and memorable experience, thanks to staff at the Mornington Library and the audience. Prior to this I’d been fortunate to do a shorter talk at a metaphysical bookstore in Elmvale, Canada in September 2016. Strangely, it seemed easier to talk to strangers in a foreign land than people on home soil.

My talk was about the themes of my latest book In Light of the Truth: belonging and love, as well as the therapeutic aspect of writing and what I’d learned.


Q & A time was engaging and a tad easier than trying to remember the important aspects of my 49 years life experiences, and in sequential flow!

Here’s a couple…

I’d mentioned the importance of having a spiritual connection, and that my journey had ebbed and flowed from healing to writing, and on repeat, until I’d blended them together… so, did I have a daily routine that assisted me with that, like some other authors do?

‘Yes. My morning alignment—toning, and exercise regime that includes a smorgasbord of yoga, pilates, qi gong,  the Tibetan Five Rites and walking in nature.’

‘Were you ever concerned about your story hurting anyone you’ve written about?’

Another good question.

‘Yes. In part this is why it took me fourteen years to publish my first book. It is why the first memoir is still an eBook and not in print, but also because I didn’t know how to put it into print at that time. Now that I’ve completed my “trilogy of memoirs”… if there is such a thing… my quest is complete, and I’m ready to share my story about love and belonging. As for hurting a anyone, no, because my words are not intended to do so… and if a person is offended it will be their learning.’

My youngest son, Thomas, was in the audience. He had the day off work so he’d decided to attend, and offer his support. He knows my story, and that our life events are written solely from my perspective. So, when he put his hand up to ask a question, I found it deeply thought-provoking.

‘Do you ever feel discouraged, and if so how and why do you keep doing what you do?’

He and his brothers know more than anyone what I have sacrificed in order to continue with this writing journey, so my answer was of utmost importance, if only to him. I took a breath to centre myself, trying not to think about the utter meltdown he’d witnessed me have two days prior, and admitted to him and the audience that it hadn’t been an easy road.

‘Yes, I’ve faced discouragement on numerous occasions. Yet it’s my love for writing… how I feel when answers to my questions are revealed through my words… it’s how I make sense of my world. And as to what keeps me going? I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is,’ I said taking a moment to consider the question more deeply. ‘It feels like a deep inner knowing, that I have committed to this path. I know I’m being looked after.’

It felt strange saying those words aloud, as if I needed to pay more attention to them. Realising I have this strong belief of conviction, made me wonder why at times I had forgotten.

Another hand went up.

‘You talked about Sound Reiki, can you give us a sample?’

Thomas has heard my toning voice many times, yet I could see the woman’s request for a sample came as a shock to him, almost as it had to me. As if he were embarrassed on my behalf, he moved from standing at the back of the room and took a seat.

I silently set an intent and shared what came through as heart-centred tones. A couple of people who weren’t shocked by the experience shared their feedback, before the questions continued.

What’s Next?’ asked a friend in the front row.

‘Thank you for asking,’ I said smiling, feeling grateful to move on. ‘Now that my third memoir is complete I have decided I want to collaborate with a traditional publisher, and have sent it to a publishing house. In the interim I’ve returned to writing my fantasy novel, as I’ve realised from my Write to Know Self gatherings that as a child my favourite thing to do was be immersed in my imagination.’

‘And what’s your greatest wish?’

‘To see my fantasy novel made into a movie,’ I said. Gosh! I’d just said that aloud.

More than an hour had skipped by quick. The audience had been very gracious, and I’d learned a lot from the event. Above all, I felt grateful for the practice and experience in public speaking. Now, to trust in the magic of new beginnings. If you don’t hear from me for a while you’ll know where I am… immersed in my imaginary world of adventure. Oh, and we haven’t yet secured a new rental spot… that’s another story.

Thank you for reading and sharing in this wondrous journey, called life. What question might you have asked me? Have you attended an author talk before? What did you learn?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Fall arrived and was spectacular

2016 in Review

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My mantra for 2016 was freedom. One might think that I would experience a freeing year, considering I was planning to spend six months in Canada. However, it had its restrictions too. Fortunately, I lived with very generous and accommodating people.

I set out to write a new novel. I invested as much time and energy into this project as I could, yet another project desired to take centre stage. This is the third and last in my series of memoirs. I have given it the working title of ‘Seduced by Spring’. I say it is the last in this series as it brings to completion what began in Write to Heal.

As a sensitive and empathic person, I have felt the energies throughout this year intensely. There were many challenges on the path, yet my focus here is to look at the positives and respond with gratitude. Each situation pushed me to surrender, to accept and to forgive… to shed more layers of the old self, and make way for the new.

So, let’s look at 2016 in review… through my eyes, and my love of capturing moments that I felt were beautiful.


I made the most of every divine sunset that Mother nature displayed throughout my final months living by the sea

Friends, Angie and Helen graced me with their presence before I left for my journey to Canada

The clever and creative Guisy D’Anna (Italy) designed my new business logo

I was fortunate to share Usui Reiki with beautiful friends

I was honoured to share the teachings of Usui Reiki with beautiful souls… assisting them to remember


My sons and I explored the Mornington Peninsula, soaking up the autumn sunshine (the eldest is missing from this photo)

April saw the new cover design of my book created by Guisy D’Anna… In Light of the Truth published 2 years and 1 day after my first book Write to Heal

Mothers Day fun with my sons

Mother’s Day fun with my beloved sons

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I felt humbled and deeply grateful to sign copies of my first paperback book

My sixth month Canadian adventure begins

My sixth-month Canadian adventure began with blessed flights

There were many noteworthy writing moments

There were many noteworthy writing moments

Connecting with writers and soul sisters was another highlight

Connecting with writers and soul sisters at Fieldstones Wellness was one of many highlights

Fall arrived and was spectacular

Fall arrived and was spectacular


The snow followed… I love everything about this magical wonderland… yes, even the cold weather!


Christmas tree delight with the moon shining bright – at the Toronto Christmas Market

That’s a rap! Thank you for sharing the journey with me. How was your year? Did you have a mantra? And how did your year reflect your mantra?

2017 in numerology is a one year… inviting new beginnings. With this in mind what might be your new mantra? I’ll reveal mine in my next post. I wish you a safe and joyous festive season. May your continued journey be peaceful and prosperous.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Leanda journal writing at Ravens Ridge

Feelin’ the Love

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Leanda journal writing at Ravens Ridge

Photo Credit: JLR Photography

I’m feelin’ the love. You can too!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on my blog. You know how it is, we may have the best intentions to keep the momentum flowing, yet life is not just about us. We’re all one thread in the interwoven fabric of existence. Some threads are pulled in many directions. They become frayed and in need of cutting the ends off, to begin anew. Then there are those threads that mysteriously entwine together to work as one—the once single strand becomes a variety of strands, like our DNA, and each works together for the greater good of the whole.

One of the most important conclusions I’ve come to in this lifetime, is working together for the common good is much more powerful and productive than working alone. This collective energy encompasses a wellspring from which to create more love and beauty in the world.

So, where am I going with this?

Love and moral support for our friends, family, clients, acquaintances—all people, is paramount to living a balanced life.

I have felt so much love and moral support for my latest book, In Light of the Truth, that many a kind word or gesture have brought me to tears—of the joy and gratitude kind 🙂


Because writing is not the easiest of vocational paths to take. Hours, days, months and sometimes years can become consumed by just one project. During that time, there isn’t a fairy Godmother providing us with a weekly income. We must take action and make ends meet the best way we know how, and place trust and faith in something greater than ourselves. In the end, the book becomes a gift to share with others. Yet it is first and foremost a gift to self, and for me, was an exploration into making sense of my life.

Thank you for honouring me and my creative process to grasp a better understanding of who I am.

I am deeply grateful for your friendship, encouragement and moral support. Please know, I am here for you in equal measure.

Do you have special people in your life who encourage and support you?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥

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BITEradio Interview

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Today I experienced my first radio interview with Robert Sharpe at BITEradioBringing Inspiration To Earth.

How did this come about?

As a member of Media Connections I received an email to one of their media opportunity alerts—seeking inspirational guests for an online radio interview. The details were:

Bringing Inspiration to Earth is an online radio show/podcast that has highlighted inspirational authors and subject matter experts for more than 5 years. I focus on the areas of Self-help, Spirituality, Children’s Literature and Environmental Awareness. Our listeners are worldwide with concentrations in USA, Canada, UK and Australia (due to having many guests from those locations).

I applied as soon as I saw it, hit the send button, and gave it no further thought. Two hours later and I received a message from Robert Sharpe at BITEradio inviting me to be a VIP guest to chat on his show about my first book Write to Heal.

Wow! What an opportunity!

We had a lovely chat, and if you’d like to listen to the interview click here.

Please leave a comment for Robert on his site, and/or share your thoughts and ask me any questions you may have below. Thank you for sharing in this adventure. Gosh! Who knew life could be so much fun!

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: Here’s a pic of me, deliriously happy to hold the first copy of In Light of the Truth 😀 (Thanks Thomas for taking the pic!) I then spent the next three days reading it and checking for errors. The pre-order copies will be placed today!!!!



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In Light of the Truth Excerpt

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Do you prefer to read a book or listen to the audio version? I love both.

Considering I use my voice to tone in Sound Reiki® and all sound vibrates at a frequency and effects our energy, it occurred to me that podcasting could be my next step before speaking in front of the camera—baby steps are good, you know! So, I consulted with a dear friend, who I feel I’ve known forever, yet in reality we haven’t met and she is a friend via a Facebook group, called Women Who Write. Thank you Darcy Conroy… check out her book and podcasts here… I’m a fan!

After chatting with Darcy, I researched and purchased the equipment, and then played… was lots of fun. My first experiment was to record an excerpt from my latest memoir, In Light of the Truth. In keeping with my way of writing, this is a super short chapter as was the first chapter for Write to Heal. Read along with the text below while you listen, if you wish, then let me know in the comments below whether you enjoyed it.

Please enjoy chapter one: Let’s Play—

Slimy. I am mesmerised by the way they move, leaving intricate patterns in their wake on the grey gravel driveway.


I hear the swish of the chamois in the bucket.

The chamois connects with the roof of the car. Soap bubbles splash and run in rivulets down the shiny painted doors.

Above, patches of cloud cover the sky and form unusual shapes.

Birds chirp in chorus from the nearby bushes and trees. Their song pierces the cool air.

In the distance I hear a siren wailing. Dad pays no attention to the noise and focuses on his task.

A sweet smell reaches my nose. It comes from inside the house. Mum is cooking and I want to investigate. As I attempt to stand the creature again captures my attention.

The snail is slow, steady and small, like me. I imagine its eyes screening the landscape through its telescopic antennas. One touch with my pointer finger and they retract inside its shell.

Where are you going? Come back. I want to play.

The shell is hard, yet not so tough I can’t break it with my infant hands. I continue to pull off pieces of the spiral shell until its soft slippery body is all that remains.

The paintwork glimmers as the sun peeks from behind a cloud. My blank canvas is smooth, reflective, alluring.

Draw a picture for me, snail.

Daddy will be happy with me, snail.

One stroke.

Two strokes.

Three strokes, four.

Five strokes.

Six strokes.

Seven strokes… no more.


What’s the verdict? The background to my voice sounds a little hollow, I know. There’s no doubt lots more I can learn to improve future podcasts. More about these later 🙂

Thank you for your feedback, please share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: In Light of the Truth is available for pre-order here until 18th May 2016 (approx 250 pages). You can read the blurb from the back of the book at this link also. And if you haven’t yet seen the book trailer, please click here.