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Character Building

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I’m almost 20,000 words in to my fantasy novel and am beginning to see an epic adventure in the making. As I weave in and out of the light and the dark aspects—because they are two halves of the whole—I admit it’s character building for me to write from both of these aspects.

Until today, I had two characters with no names. Throughout the handwritten pages of my work in progress, I had referred to them as mother and father. This started to bug me, so I did a little research and found them an appropriate name that matched their character.

This led to me research my own name. Twenty five years ago my name held little more meaning than:

Leanda [le-an-da] is an alternate spelling of Leandra (Greek):

feminine of Leander and means “lion man”

Today, though, I found a more detailed meaning which I felt was interesting.

A snippet of what it mentions is I like to complete what I start, and I also get bored easily. To this end, it appears true as I currently have three projects on the go at the same time, and flit easily from one to another when I feel like it. As William Cowper wrote:

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.”

The article says, I’m generous yet like to see returns from my giving. I came to fully understand this when I wrote In Light of the Truth… now is the time to remember. This comes from learning the hard way, that to give, I must do this from a space of love and not expect anything in return. Though an equal exchange of energy is always favourable to avoid feelings of disappointment and resentment.

The next piece is a trait I used to hide from through my fear of being seen; you have an executive ability, you are a leader. As I write this, I seek clarity in the capacity of which I am to lead, though, I am willing to embrace my unlimited potential and make the most of being here.

Leanda is said to mean that I’m moral, balanced, honest and intellectual, and may attain spirituality. Well, I have certainly been addressing these, and in hindsight have a deep appreciation for all I have learned and remembered to date.

I nodded when I read that I have an appreciation for beauty—taking photographs is one example, and I chuckled to myself that I always think before I act.  Hmm… I haven’t always thought before I acted, though, these have led me to invaluable learning and attaining more wisdom.

The next statement resonated and simultaneously made me squirm; I lead an eventful, exciting life, am versatile and learn easily. While I do pick up new learning easily, the eventful and exciting life comes with the uncertainty of where I’m going at any given time 😉

I think my sons might have something to say about this last statement; I’m always looking for a chance to do my own thing, be my own person, and do things my way. Yes, I like my independence, and my sons value theirs too.

So, what does your name mean? Have you ever felt drawn to investigate? I believe that we choose our birth name. Why? Because each word (name) holds a vibration, and contains an essence that is intricately linked to our purpose for being here. As I wrote in Write to Heal, my Mum was going to call me Leanne until two weeks before I was born and she saw Leanda in the births section of the newspaper. To this day, I am grateful she chose the latter.

Loving our name is an important aspect of loving self. If you don’t love your name, you may like to look into why and heal this aspect. When we fully love self, we naturally feel joy-full, and don’t need to seek love from outside of self. I look forward to reading about your name and how you feel about it.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda ♥

PS: The featured image attached to this post is the journal I was given by the lovely man I met in Paris 2015… M.K. thank you sincerely… I am following through as promised, and writing my fantasy novel in these pages!

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3 Wise Monkeys

2016 Year of the Monkey

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3 Wise Monkeys

Speaking from experience… yes, I am a “monkey”… 2016 Year of the Monkey is set to rock the foundations of our world with new adventures and fresh opportunities for positive change and transformation. I say this because, 2016 is red fire monkey year… which means it’s all about passion, energy and taking action.

Again speaking from experience, we can be lit with an abundance of passion and energy, yet unless we take action the fuse won’t stay alight 😉

2016 is also a 9 global year in numerology… it’s a year of completion as it’s the end of a 9-year cycle. What do you have to let go of? What projects do you plan to finish? What requires de-cluttering from your life? 9 also represents wisdom, so seeking guidance from your higher self, God, the Divine Source (what you believe in) will assist you to gain the knowledge and understanding you desire.

If you’re a monkey like me, you know you can do anything, right? So, a few words of advice… don’t do what I once did and be a Monkey See Monkey Do type of person!


If you don’t know how to “be you” or how to “love you” then be willing to find out. This can be done in a myriad of ways… of course, you knew I was going to suggest you WRITE! Start a daily journal about how you feel. If you’re not feeling so great, begin a gratitude journal as well. Writing doesn’t cost you anything… not even time… and it’s your best option because there is no third-party-person involved. Other options include a variety of healing modalities. Be willing to seek and have-a-go at a variety of healing options because they all serve to address different areas of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. And all healing happens in layers.

Then there’s the Monkey Mind!

Life is much smoother when we address quietening the monkey mind. If you’ve not given meditation a go, do so. It doesn’t have to be done at the same time every day. I doesn’t have to be a regular habit. Take it outside in nature. Do it inside when inclement weather days arise. Have your eyes open, or shut. The purpose is to still the monkey mind and become more aware of your thoughts. If there are negative thoughts where do these come from… what is the underscoring belief?

My rule of thumb is what empowers and leaves you feeling good is good for you. There will always be the not-so-fabulous experiences, yet these serve to teach us to keep moving… forward, with a deeper understanding and having attained wisdom.

Remember the three wise monkeys?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil… this translates to…

  1. choose not to listen to fear, in your mind or externally
  2. see the good in others because beneath every person’s layers of behaviour there is good
  3. speak your truth

And to add a little monkey magic to your year, imagine what you wish to create in the clouds…


Are you a monkey like me? If not, what Chinese New Year were you born in? Can you relate to monkey see monkey do, the monkey mind, or the three wise monkeys? And what monkey magic would you like to create this year?

May 2016 sparkle bright and ignite your passion to live a fulfilling year!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: If you want to write a book in 2016 and have your words flow with grace and ease, get the Write to Heal Signature Pulse Point blend or essential oil blend.

PSS: Red Fire Monkey Year begins February 8th.

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Auspicious Home Placements

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When seeking auspicious home placements let’s investigate Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) because your home reflects your life.


The book Feng Shui: Harmony by Design by Nancy SantoPietro has travelled with me since 1998 when I purchased it from Cosmic Pages book store in Adelaide. I love it because of its simplistic approach to explaining such a broad and sometimes confusing subject.

It is said Feng Shui orginated by the ancient Chinese to allow one to make the most auspicious and ideal arrangements in our environment, which includes our home, garden, street numbers, the shape of the building and where it is placed on the land, and more. The Chinese believed there was an invisible energy from the centre of the Earth called Ch’i… a powerful lifeforce that exists within all things.

Our body possess ch’i also. When it is flowing well we are healthy. When the ch’i of our land and home is in flow, it is this environment that attracts good energy… which equates to good fortune.

Essentially, auspicious home placement is about expelling negativity and boosting prosperity and because we’re in an ‘8’ year numerologically (more on this subject next week) it is an important aspect that we look at our environment to capitalise on our happiness, wealth and longevity.

As per Nancy SantoPietro’s book, there are 9 Feng Shui principles…

  1. Satisfy the four conditions (positioning of important objects: beds, desk, stove etc)
  2. Explore the predecessor law (energy from previous owners – cleanse!)
  3. Strive for balance
  4. Trust your intuition
  5. Reduce the clutter
  6. Like attracts like
  7. Raise the percentages (what’s missing?)
  8. Use the nine basic cures (adjustments)
  9. House maintenance is crucial (keep it tidy!)

The bagua is an eight-sided trigram of the I Ching, arranged octagonally around the yin yang symbol representing balance. It is a tool that determines the best locations in your home or office.

The 9 sections include career, helpful people/travel, self-knowledge/spirituality, family, wealth, fame, marriage/relationships, children/creativity, and the centre—all other things.


It is suggested you draw a floor plan of your home and overlay the bagua on top to see what areas are missing. You can then place the bagua over each room, and the block of land and where your house resides. The missing areas are then able to be corrected using feng shui cures. The cures can be many things: a healthy plant to promote growth, a crystal to expand the light, a rock to prevent money going down the drain, colour, water, mirrors and sound.

For example, to stimulate writing you may add the colour yellow to your immediate environment to imbue inspiration. Make sure your desk or your writing environment is un-cluttered and that there is plenty of natural light. Always sit facing the door. You may like to add a small water fountain to get the energy flowing. And similarly working next to a salt lamp or with crystals will assist with your intent. Lastly, something red representing your success positioned in the south of your office will see your work recognised. Personally, I also work with essential oils… they’re from nature and the perfect example of balance and coexistence.

Have some fun with this. Your intuition will play a large role in determining what ‘feels’ right for you. This is a very basic outline to get you started. Refer to the diagram above to assist you. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

I’m off to plant seeds in my vegie patch as this is my relationship/partnership/marriage sector and its missing… yikes!

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle♥


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Hopi Lands Tour with Soul Song Tribe

7 Teachings

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Hopi Lands Tour with Soul Song Tribe

Foreground: Soul Sisters on tour / Background: The Painted Desert

I’ve just returned from a Soul Song retreat in Sedona, Arizona and thereafter shared bliss-full days with like-minded friends in Canada. It was named a Soul Song retreat because it was organised by Sound Reiki Institute and we toned as a group, daily.

While abroad I experienced many 7 teachings.

Why take this journey?

  • To experience the vortex energy (Sedona) with like-minded friends
  • To seek fresh knowledge for self-growth
  • To ‘be’ instead of ‘do’!

Herein lays the teachings of a 7 year. If you’ll recall in my post Write Insight, I shared with you a brief outline of 2014 (a 7 year).

On a conscious level I wasn’t fully aware this journey would entail 7’s teachings, however on a subconscious level I was definitely ready for much change to take place in my life. After all, I manifested the trip which is another 7 year trait!

Some of the telltale signs of the 7 influence began with our (Helen and I) flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. My seat allocation number was 76C (7+6+C) (a=1,b=2,c=3) which means 7+6+3=16 and 1+6=7.

Our departure from Los Angeles to Phoenix was from gate 34 (3+4=7).

In Arizona at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport signage read, ‘The 7C’s of Arizona’, sharing information about an exhibition in terminal 4 from August 2014 to February 2015. Yet what did the 7C’s represent?

Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate, Cactus and Canyons… represents the driving force behind Arizona’s economy.

I spent 7 days with 7 powerful women on our tour of Sedona, Arizona. Each has provided me with the opportunity for personal growth.

In Canada, dear friend Peggy chauffeured Helen and I to visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Niagra Falls – more amazing energy!

Niagra Falls2

A few more points of interest about the 7 energy: Rest was a must. The 7 energy favours self-improvement. I was sensitive to the energies in Sedona and felt it pulled me into a space of contemplation. Whereas the energy at Niagra Falls, I found empowering, I was a child at a theme park fuelled with joy-filled effervescence.

To date this has been a spiritually introspective year (typical of 7) rather than a year for personal gain. Yet I wouldn’t trade it for the chaotic world of materialism. Any sacrifices I have made have been for my benefit ~ mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

How is your 7 year panning out? Have you noticed any of the above 7 year traits in your life? Share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle♥