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Author Talk: Leanda Michelle

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My first author talk in Australia was a heartwarming and memorable experience, thanks to staff at the Mornington Library and the audience. Prior to this I’d been fortunate to do a shorter talk at a metaphysical bookstore in Elmvale, Canada in September 2016. Strangely, it seemed easier to talk to strangers in a foreign land than people on home soil.

My talk was about the themes of my latest book In Light of the Truth: belonging and love, as well as the therapeutic aspect of writing and what I’d learned.


Q & A time was engaging and a tad easier than trying to remember the important aspects of my 49 years life experiences, and in sequential flow!

Here’s a couple…

I’d mentioned the importance of having a spiritual connection, and that my journey had ebbed and flowed from healing to writing, and on repeat, until I’d blended them together… so, did I have a daily routine that assisted me with that, like some other authors do?

‘Yes. My morning alignment—toning, and exercise regime that includes a smorgasbord of yoga, pilates, qi gong,  the Tibetan Five Rites and walking in nature.’

‘Were you ever concerned about your story hurting anyone you’ve written about?’

Another good question.

‘Yes. In part this is why it took me fourteen years to publish my first book. It is why the first memoir is still an eBook and not in print, but also because I didn’t know how to put it into print at that time. Now that I’ve completed my “trilogy of memoirs”… if there is such a thing… my quest is complete, and I’m ready to share my story about love and belonging. As for hurting a anyone, no, because my words are not intended to do so… and if a person is offended it will be their learning.’

My youngest son, Thomas, was in the audience. He had the day off work so he’d decided to attend, and offer his support. He knows my story, and that our life events are written solely from my perspective. So, when he put his hand up to ask a question, I found it deeply thought-provoking.

‘Do you ever feel discouraged, and if so how and why do you keep doing what you do?’

He and his brothers know more than anyone what I have sacrificed in order to continue with this writing journey, so my answer was of utmost importance, if only to him. I took a breath to centre myself, trying not to think about the utter meltdown he’d witnessed me have two days prior, and admitted to him and the audience that it hadn’t been an easy road.

‘Yes, I’ve faced discouragement on numerous occasions. Yet it’s my love for writing… how I feel when answers to my questions are revealed through my words… it’s how I make sense of my world. And as to what keeps me going? I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is,’ I said taking a moment to consider the question more deeply. ‘It feels like a deep inner knowing, that I have committed to this path. I know I’m being looked after.’

It felt strange saying those words aloud, as if I needed to pay more attention to them. Realising I have this strong belief of conviction, made me wonder why at times I had forgotten.

Another hand went up.

‘You talked about Sound Reiki, can you give us a sample?’

Thomas has heard my toning voice many times, yet I could see the woman’s request for a sample came as a shock to him, almost as it had to me. As if he were embarrassed on my behalf, he moved from standing at the back of the room and took a seat.

I silently set an intent and shared what came through as heart-centred tones. A couple of people who weren’t shocked by the experience shared their feedback, before the questions continued.

What’s Next?’ asked a friend in the front row.

‘Thank you for asking,’ I said smiling, feeling grateful to move on. ‘Now that my third memoir is complete I have decided I want to collaborate with a traditional publisher, and have sent it to a publishing house. In the interim I’ve returned to writing my fantasy novel, as I’ve realised from my Write to Know Self gatherings that as a child my favourite thing to do was be immersed in my imagination.’

‘And what’s your greatest wish?’

‘To see my fantasy novel made into a movie,’ I said. Gosh! I’d just said that aloud.

More than an hour had skipped by quick. The audience had been very gracious, and I’d learned a lot from the event. Above all, I felt grateful for the practice and experience in public speaking. Now, to trust in the magic of new beginnings. If you don’t hear from me for a while you’ll know where I am… immersed in my imaginary world of adventure. Oh, and we haven’t yet secured a new rental spot… that’s another story.

Thank you for reading and sharing in this wondrous journey, called life. What question might you have asked me? Have you attended an author talk before? What did you learn?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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BITEradio Interview

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Today I experienced my first radio interview with Robert Sharpe at BITEradioBringing Inspiration To Earth.

How did this come about?

As a member of Media Connections I received an email to one of their media opportunity alerts—seeking inspirational guests for an online radio interview. The details were:

Bringing Inspiration to Earth is an online radio show/podcast that has highlighted inspirational authors and subject matter experts for more than 5 years. I focus on the areas of Self-help, Spirituality, Children’s Literature and Environmental Awareness. Our listeners are worldwide with concentrations in USA, Canada, UK and Australia (due to having many guests from those locations).

I applied as soon as I saw it, hit the send button, and gave it no further thought. Two hours later and I received a message from Robert Sharpe at BITEradio inviting me to be a VIP guest to chat on his show about my first book Write to Heal.

Wow! What an opportunity!

We had a lovely chat, and if you’d like to listen to the interview click here.

Please leave a comment for Robert on his site, and/or share your thoughts and ask me any questions you may have below. Thank you for sharing in this adventure. Gosh! Who knew life could be so much fun!

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: Here’s a pic of me, deliriously happy to hold the first copy of In Light of the Truth 😀 (Thanks Thomas for taking the pic!) I then spent the next three days reading it and checking for errors. The pre-order copies will be placed today!!!!



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2015 in Review

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Here’s my 2015 in review for the year I deemed to be ‘I am here, here I am’ —this is still a work in progress however I am delighted with all I’ve come to understand around this mantra.

This has been my most magical year to-date. I set out with many and various aims and for the most part I did attain them, with a couple of exceptions… completing the sequel to Write to Heal and selling my first batch of the Write to Heal Signature Blend essential oilThere is a better plan being devised to accomplish these in 2016!

Focusing on the highlights, please join me for an overview of this year…

Coinciding with my parents 49th wedding anniversary I got off my butt and recorded the HeartSpeak MeditationIf you’ve not heard or felt Sound Reiki® before then you’ll love feeling aligned and grounded after listening to this recording.


Thanks to Adrian at Incubator Recording and Mastering

Later in the month I moved to live by the sea… it has been a dream come true!


At Mount Martha Beach on sunset ~ thanks Jenni for the photo!

It wasn’t all work and no play as I dared to go a little wild and dress up to attend a Bohemian Cabaret.

Bohemian style

Jenni and I in gypsy attire

I was drawn to do Qigong, beachside! You can read about this adventure here. And later in the year I attended my first pilates class too, however yoga is still my mainstay.

Read the article, 'Be Willing' @ The Mindset Effect

Read the article, ‘Be Willing’ @ The Mindset Effect

I was fortunate to share healing energy with wonderful clients, host fabulous writing workshops and teach Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki® … what can I say? I love what I do! Congratulations to all♥

IMG_1376 IMG_2162 IMG_2768 IMG_1970[2]


WTH Canada workshop

I attended an Active Shamanic Dreaming workshop with Ruth Lewis (trained by Robert Moss) and discovered the process of reaching into the subconscious to reveal what my dreams are telling me about my waking life.


The Write to Heal Signature Blend essential oil was launched… I love this and apply it daily!


Thank you to M.K. for the awesome photography!

A very special time was shared with five gorgeous women at the inaugural Write to Heal Retreat… I still smile thinking about these hugely creative and inspirational souls and how each touched my heart with their stories…


We played the Sparkle-Time Game from my eBook Write to Heal and it exceeded my expectations! Phew!


Druime did an awesome job of the photography, thank you!

There was travel involved too—discovering literacy and more in Paris, and sharing the beaut company of friends in Canada where I was blessed to host a Write to Heal workshop and experience a transformational sound healing session with Seraphim Supported Sound.


Each took me way out of my comfort zone and more into alignment with my true self. While the learning continues, I am loving my life, the adventures and the promise of new opportunities.

This is not to say that this year’s journey has been all bliss and giggles… far from it. There was a lot of learning, plenty of failed attempts at putting self ‘out there’ and leads that resulted in dead-ends. More on this in the next book.

With the completion of a year one may ponder what next years mantra might be. I didn’t have to consider this question for very long. I welcome…


Please share one highlight from your year. Did you attain some or all of your intentions? What is your mantra for 2016?

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. May your festive season be bright, beautiful and abundant with love, joy and laughter.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda ♥

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Connect. Create. Communicate.

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Would you like to write with clarity and confidence, and feel calm, grounded and uplifted?

I welcome to the world of essential oils… the Write to Heal Signature Oil Blend, to assist you to… Connect. Create. Communicate.

The Write to Heal Signature Oil Blend (pulse point) and the Write to Heal Essential Oil Blend has been a labour of love these past 8 months.

It all began with an aha moment of inspiration. I had been chatting with a dear friend about my eBook Write to Heal and the associated writing workshops when she shared a little of her expertise in marketing. The question she planted in my mind was, ‘What is something you can offer to complement your book and workshops that adds to your brand?’

The answer didn’t magically appear on the spot, rather I had to allow this to digest and assimilate.

Breaking this down into pieces I knew I wanted to assist people to live joyfully and I also recognised that what I do with all my healing sessions and writing workshops is use essential oils to assist the individual or group to be the best they can be. These were initially intuited with the use of a pendulum. Since learning Sound Reiki® I muscle-check instead (applied kinesiology). The majority of my clients would comment on the aromas I’d created.

I then considered the term ‘Writers Block’ and there was my answer!

“Could I create an essential oil that assists people to write and bypass all the barriers?”

I researched essential oils and their metaphysical properties and sought to match 7 oils to the 7 main chakras.

When this was ascertained I made inquiries with manufacturers and found one in Australia that not only used the finest grade of essential oils available, they are also respectful of our environment and embrace a holistic approach to their products. I paid an initial manufacturing fee and they set to work to create the blend.

When the samples arrived one stood out as ‘the one’, yet when I asked for the ingredients list I discovered there were 11 oils and not the 7 I had originally asked for.

The Aromatherapist kindly explained that my chosen oils were too harsh on their own and required balancing with some lighter notes.

This got me thinking… and had me retrace my steps…

“What if there was still one oil missing?”

When I researched the oils the Aromatherapist had added I discovered they matched perfectly to 11 of the 12 chakras. All I needed was the 12th. In the days that followed an aromatherapy booklet arrived in the mail and voilà, there was the 12th.

The Write to Heal Signature Blend has 12 oils that work with the 12 chakras/energy centres of the body (7 main and 5 ethereal as per the Sound Reiki® healing modality) ~ enabling you to connect to your higher self, create with abandonment, communicate with grace and ease and release all inhibitions.


Whether you’re a student desiring to write essays or do well in your written exams, a blogger, a journalist, author, painter or photographer—any creative outlet you choose—this essential oil blend gifted from Spirit will assist you to succeed.

The pulse point is set in jojoba oil and is applied to the skin so you can carry it with you wherever you go, and the essential oil blend is for your vaporiser at home.

You may notice the logo has been cut and pasted from my eBook… I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to use re-purpose this mandala that Elisandra created.

To learn more about these oils… see here.

Express your authenticity… live joyfully… Write to Heal and make your mark!


I am holding a FB competition (for Australian residents only) to spread the word!

I would love you to join me in the fun. WIN either a bottle of the Write to Heal Signature Oil Blend (pulse point) 10ml to the value of $24.95 or a bottle of the Write to Heal Essential Oil Blend 5ml to the value of $18.95, plus postage delivered to you. Winners notified 1st July.

Competition guidelines will be as follows…

  • Like Write to Heal (if you haven’t already!)
  • Like the competition post on the Write to Heal FB page (posted Friday 12th June)
  • Add your comment to the post… by choosing which oil you’d like to win and tag a friend
  • Share the post on your timeline
  • Purchase one or more products and receive further entries into the draw

Good luck!


Leanda Michelle