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What is Vlogging?

It’s a blog, however the majority of the message is done via video.

Why Vlog?

  • You get to see the person behind the words. What I say (words) + my tone of voice + body language… you get all of me communicating with you instead of my words only… even if it is one-sided to begin with… I invite you to respond in the comments below.
  • Helps me to practise public speaking, and feel more comfortable in front of a camera… this is something I’d struggled with for many years.
  • To inspire others to share their voice.

Will this replace my writing?

No. I feel far more comfortable writing than I do public speaking. However, this is another aspect of shedding layers of the proverbial onion… taking self out of my comfort zone. It’s also in alignment with my latest book where I wrote about being seen, heard, felt and known. As an author, it’s easier to sit behind the cover of a book than it is to sit in front of the camera and talk. Though, to be honest, I feel vulnerable in both.

What’s my first Vlog about?

It’s about connecting with you… my readers, clients, friends and family. In part, it is a celebration of so many wonderful experiences I shared with geniune heart-centred people in Canada. While another aspect of it was to create a keepsake of the memories, of the magical moments and landscapes I captured on my iPhone… each has assisted me to grow and expand, and are friendly reminders to keep showing up.

Have you created a vlog before? If so, how did it go? What did you learn from the experience? Or have you wanted to create a vlog? If so, what subject would you like to talk about?

Please grab a favourite beverage of your choice and enjoy watching Leanda’s Canadian Adventure.

Nourish Your Spirit!

Leanda Michelle ♥



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2016 in Review

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My mantra for 2016 was freedom. One might think that I would experience a freeing year, considering I was planning to spend six months in Canada. However, it had its restrictions too. Fortunately, I lived with very generous and accommodating people.

I set out to write a new novel. I invested as much time and energy into this project as I could, yet another project desired to take centre stage. This is the third and last in my series of memoirs. I have given it the working title of ‘Seduced by Spring’. I say it is the last in this series as it brings to completion what began in Write to Heal.

As a sensitive and empathic person, I have felt the energies throughout this year intensely. There were many challenges on the path, yet my focus here is to look at the positives and respond with gratitude. Each situation pushed me to surrender, to accept and to forgive… to shed more layers of the old self, and make way for the new.

So, let’s look at 2016 in review… through my eyes, and my love of capturing moments that I felt were beautiful.


I made the most of every divine sunset that Mother nature displayed throughout my final months living by the sea

Friends, Angie and Helen graced me with their presence before I left for my journey to Canada

The clever and creative Guisy D’Anna (Italy) designed my new business logo

I was fortunate to share Usui Reiki with beautiful friends

I was honoured to share the teachings of Usui Reiki with beautiful souls… assisting them to remember


My sons and I explored the Mornington Peninsula, soaking up the autumn sunshine (the eldest is missing from this photo)

April saw the new cover design of my book created by Guisy D’Anna… In Light of the Truth published 2 years and 1 day after my first book Write to Heal

Mothers Day fun with my sons

Mother’s Day fun with my beloved sons

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I felt humbled and deeply grateful to sign copies of my first paperback book

My sixth month Canadian adventure begins

My sixth-month Canadian adventure began with blessed flights

There were many noteworthy writing moments

There were many noteworthy writing moments

Connecting with writers and soul sisters was another highlight

Connecting with writers and soul sisters at Fieldstones Wellness was one of many highlights

Fall arrived and was spectacular

Fall arrived and was spectacular


The snow followed… I love everything about this magical wonderland… yes, even the cold weather!


Christmas tree delight with the moon shining bright – at the Toronto Christmas Market

That’s a rap! Thank you for sharing the journey with me. How was your year? Did you have a mantra? And how did your year reflect your mantra?

2017 in numerology is a one year… inviting new beginnings. With this in mind what might be your new mantra? I’ll reveal mine in my next post. I wish you a safe and joyous festive season. May your continued journey be peaceful and prosperous.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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I can… in Canada

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Lefthand DriveWell, I can… in Canada, drive… even if it is on the wrong side of the road!

In reply to one of my lovely Australian subscribers on a recent blog post Train Trip to Toronto I wrote that I admired her for driving in the USA, and that it was on my to-do list to have a go here in Canada.

I didn’t expect to manifest it so soon. However, my host said to me one morning on her way to work, ‘When I get home this afternoon, you’re going to have a driving lesson!’ ‘Uh, okay… thanks.’

What brought that on? I hadn’t mentioned wanting to drive and wondered why the thought had popped into her mind. Later, she filled me in on the importance of knowing ‘I can, in the event that I have to.’ Good point.

So, how did I go?

Well, the first thing I noticed were the traffic lights. They’re positioned in the middle of an intersection, unlike in Australia where they are at the corners. My spacial vision must’ve been a little warped too as my passenger suggested I sit a little closer to the middle yellow line… ‘I don’t have a death wish you know!’ she said, lightheartedly and laughing. I learned I can turn right at any time with care, even on a red light, unless there is a sign to say it’s not prohibited. And the slow lane is the far right side of the freeway. Fast drivers pass by in the left lane.

So far, so good. Some old habits, though, die hard!

I alight from the car and stand at the curb before crossing the road, and automatically look to my right first. Wrong! The cars are coming from the left. ‘Watch out!’

Walking to the car after food shopping with the keys in my hand and I automatically head for right side of the car. Geez! I’ve done it again!

And when travelling on my own… I thank goodness for the GPS. This, though, presented other issues. ‘In 200 yards turn right’, said the woman’s automated voice. Yards! What is that in metres? And… ‘In half a mile keep right’ What do you mean keep right? Don’t you mean exit the freeway… and what’s with half a mile? Can you translate that into kilometres please!

All differences aside, I am so grateful for the opportunity and it didn’t take long for me to gain my confidence. For me, driving is so intricately connected to my independence (I empathise with the elderly who can no longer drive!)

My sincere gratitude to my host. I have so much respect for her entrusting me with her car.

Have you driven in a foreign country, on the opposite side of the road than you’re used to? If so, how did you go? If you haven’t, and you were given the opportunity, would you?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥


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BITEradio Interview

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Today I experienced my first radio interview with Robert Sharpe at BITEradioBringing Inspiration To Earth.

How did this come about?

As a member of Media Connections I received an email to one of their media opportunity alerts—seeking inspirational guests for an online radio interview. The details were:

Bringing Inspiration to Earth is an online radio show/podcast that has highlighted inspirational authors and subject matter experts for more than 5 years. I focus on the areas of Self-help, Spirituality, Children’s Literature and Environmental Awareness. Our listeners are worldwide with concentrations in USA, Canada, UK and Australia (due to having many guests from those locations).

I applied as soon as I saw it, hit the send button, and gave it no further thought. Two hours later and I received a message from Robert Sharpe at BITEradio inviting me to be a VIP guest to chat on his show about my first book Write to Heal.

Wow! What an opportunity!

We had a lovely chat, and if you’d like to listen to the interview click here.

Please leave a comment for Robert on his site, and/or share your thoughts and ask me any questions you may have below. Thank you for sharing in this adventure. Gosh! Who knew life could be so much fun!

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: Here’s a pic of me, deliriously happy to hold the first copy of In Light of the Truth 😀 (Thanks Thomas for taking the pic!) I then spent the next three days reading it and checking for errors. The pre-order copies will be placed today!!!!



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Special Offer and Announcement

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I have a special offer and announcement to share.

First, let’s reveal the announcement — at the time of writing this post (1:11pm Saturday 23rd April ’16) it is…

2 months

27 days

10 hours

and 48 minutes… UNTIL…

I fly to Canada to live for six months! Yes! I am a tad bit excited.

Why am I going?

You’ll find the answer in the pages of my latest memoir, ‘In Light of the Truth.’

Which brings me to my special offer.

Would you like a signed copy (paperback) of In Light of the Truth, postage free?


I am so thrilled that this will be available in print and eBook. For those who still wish to read ‘Write to Heal’ in paperback, I am working to remedy this. However, due to time constraints, I’m not able to offer it just yet.

To pre-order your copy of ‘In Light of the Truth’ please click here. You have until Wednesday 18th May ’16 to pre-purchase your signed copy at a discounted price and get it delivered free. (Delivery can be expected between 31st May – 10th June.)

Why pre-order?

You’ll read it before anyone else does.

You’ll get a signed copy (please send me an email if you’d like something special written on your copy, instead of being addressed to your name). My contact details are: leanda.seadreampress@gmail.com

You’ll purchase at a discounted price and receive free postage.

Why do I require your payment upfront?

As you can imagine, I don’t want to be left with an excess number of books that require storage while I’m away. So your commitment to purchase ensures this. Thank you for your understanding.

You have the option to pay via PayPal or Direct Debit when you place your order. If you choose the Direct Debit option, I’ll send you an email with my banking details.

And for my friends across the pond, I will print a separate order when I’m there… unless you’d like your copy earlier, then please contact me.

So, what’s this book about?

When you place your order you can read the blurb from the back of the book… and if you haven’t yet seen the book trailer, you can watch it here.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. I will have more to reveal soon! (Hint: chapter one!!!)

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥