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Easter Reflections

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This message, Easter Reflections comes from writer and artist, Renata, who I met in Canada last year. The background art that the words have been printed on is also by Renata, and represents the Divine Mercy—blood and water, love and forgiveness, flowing from Christ’s heart.

As Easter rolls around for another year, may we pause to reflect on what this means to us. If you asked me to reflect on Easter, I might have shared fond childhood memories spent with my cousins on a farm in the Riverland. Or recounted a happy occasion inland from Karratha, where our three young sons, hubby and I shared a picnic alongside a riverbed. Floating Easter eggs downstream, the boys would wait at the bottom of a short waterfall and catch them.

While many may go camping, devour a chocolate egg or two, and feast on a few hot cross buns with the view to celebrate and enjoy some time away from their busy life schedules, there is a deeper introspection that we may like to ponder.

It is said Easter is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Some have even renamed Easter as Resurrection Day. What’s interesting to me, is scripture says Jesus died on the cross and came back to life. Don’t we see the same cycles in nature, with birth, death and rebirth throughout the seasons? I see our human life as the same, we learn and grow through cycles—for example: birthing new projects, seeing them to completion, before beginning anew.

I feel it is humbling to remain open to various viewpoints and listen beyond judgment. May you enjoy the read, and share your thoughts with Renata in the comments section below. What does Easter mean to you?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥

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What is Vlogging?

It’s a blog, however the majority of the message is done via video.

Why Vlog?

  • You get to see the person behind the words. What I say (words) + my tone of voice + body language… you get all of me communicating with you instead of my words only… even if it is one-sided to begin with… I invite you to respond in the comments below.
  • Helps me to practise public speaking, and feel more comfortable in front of a camera… this is something I’d struggled with for many years.
  • To inspire others to share their voice.

Will this replace my writing?

No. I feel far more comfortable writing than I do public speaking. However, this is another aspect of shedding layers of the proverbial onion… taking self out of my comfort zone. It’s also in alignment with my latest book where I wrote about being seen, heard, felt and known. As an author, it’s easier to sit behind the cover of a book than it is to sit in front of the camera and talk. Though, to be honest, I feel vulnerable in both.

What’s my first Vlog about?

It’s about connecting with you… my readers, clients, friends and family. In part, it is a celebration of so many wonderful experiences I shared with geniune heart-centred people in Canada. While another aspect of it was to create a keepsake of the memories, of the magical moments and landscapes I captured on my iPhone… each has assisted me to grow and expand, and are friendly reminders to keep showing up.

Have you created a vlog before? If so, how did it go? What did you learn from the experience? Or have you wanted to create a vlog? If so, what subject would you like to talk about?

Please grab a favourite beverage of your choice and enjoy watching Leanda’s Canadian Adventure.

Nourish Your Spirit!

Leanda Michelle ♥



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2016 in Review

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My mantra for 2016 was freedom. One might think that I would experience a freeing year, considering I was planning to spend six months in Canada. However, it had its restrictions too. Fortunately, I lived with very generous and accommodating people.

I set out to write a new novel. I invested as much time and energy into this project as I could, yet another project desired to take centre stage. This is the third and last in my series of memoirs. I have given it the working title of ‘Seduced by Spring’. I say it is the last in this series as it brings to completion what began in Write to Heal.

As a sensitive and empathic person, I have felt the energies throughout this year intensely. There were many challenges on the path, yet my focus here is to look at the positives and respond with gratitude. Each situation pushed me to surrender, to accept and to forgive… to shed more layers of the old self, and make way for the new.

So, let’s look at 2016 in review… through my eyes, and my love of capturing moments that I felt were beautiful.


I made the most of every divine sunset that Mother nature displayed throughout my final months living by the sea

Friends, Angie and Helen graced me with their presence before I left for my journey to Canada

The clever and creative Guisy D’Anna (Italy) designed my new business logo

I was fortunate to share Usui Reiki with beautiful friends

I was honoured to share the teachings of Usui Reiki with beautiful souls… assisting them to remember


My sons and I explored the Mornington Peninsula, soaking up the autumn sunshine (the eldest is missing from this photo)

April saw the new cover design of my book created by Guisy D’Anna… In Light of the Truth published 2 years and 1 day after my first book Write to Heal

Mothers Day fun with my sons

Mother’s Day fun with my beloved sons

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I loved sharing the Write to Heal & Write to Know Self workshops

I felt humbled and deeply grateful to sign copies of my first paperback book

My sixth month Canadian adventure begins

My sixth-month Canadian adventure began with blessed flights

There were many noteworthy writing moments

There were many noteworthy writing moments

Connecting with writers and soul sisters was another highlight

Connecting with writers and soul sisters at Fieldstones Wellness was one of many highlights

Fall arrived and was spectacular

Fall arrived and was spectacular


The snow followed… I love everything about this magical wonderland… yes, even the cold weather!


Christmas tree delight with the moon shining bright – at the Toronto Christmas Market

That’s a rap! Thank you for sharing the journey with me. How was your year? Did you have a mantra? And how did your year reflect your mantra?

2017 in numerology is a one year… inviting new beginnings. With this in mind what might be your new mantra? I’ll reveal mine in my next post. I wish you a safe and joyous festive season. May your continued journey be peaceful and prosperous.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Word on the Street

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Word on the street can be found in the most interesting places.

Recently I was taken to downtown Orillia. To give you an idea of where that is, it’s 150kms north east of Toronto, Ontario. Originally a gathering place for the Huron and Iroquois peoples, Orillia is set amongst two connecting lakes: Simcoe and Couchiching. Known as ‘sunshine city’ it is a picturesque town with many a historical building, where tourists flock to music festivals and cultural events.

One of the town’s initiatives is their annual outdoor ‘streets alive’ event. Now in it’s 8th year the showcase of local artists who display their creativity boosts the local economy and offers a sense of pride to the community.

When I last visited Orillia in 2014 the theme was ‘Art Grows’… the planter boxes were amazing! This year – 2016 – is ‘Story Poles’. A nice incentive and reward for artist effort is prize money. Voted by people’s popular choice the winners will be announced August 21st.

I haven’t yet walked the entire five blocks to see all 32 sculptures, yet here’s a few I snapped to share with you… there’s a story behind each one!

Thank you as always for sharing the adventure with me.

Write to heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Feelin’ the Love

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Leanda journal writing at Ravens Ridge

Photo Credit: JLR Photography

I’m feelin’ the love. You can too!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on my blog. You know how it is, we may have the best intentions to keep the momentum flowing, yet life is not just about us. We’re all one thread in the interwoven fabric of existence. Some threads are pulled in many directions. They become frayed and in need of cutting the ends off, to begin anew. Then there are those threads that mysteriously entwine together to work as one—the once single strand becomes a variety of strands, like our DNA, and each works together for the greater good of the whole.

One of the most important conclusions I’ve come to in this lifetime, is working together for the common good is much more powerful and productive than working alone. This collective energy encompasses a wellspring from which to create more love and beauty in the world.

So, where am I going with this?

Love and moral support for our friends, family, clients, acquaintances—all people, is paramount to living a balanced life.

I have felt so much love and moral support for my latest book, In Light of the Truth, that many a kind word or gesture have brought me to tears—of the joy and gratitude kind 🙂


Because writing is not the easiest of vocational paths to take. Hours, days, months and sometimes years can become consumed by just one project. During that time, there isn’t a fairy Godmother providing us with a weekly income. We must take action and make ends meet the best way we know how, and place trust and faith in something greater than ourselves. In the end, the book becomes a gift to share with others. Yet it is first and foremost a gift to self, and for me, was an exploration into making sense of my life.

Thank you for honouring me and my creative process to grasp a better understanding of who I am.

I am deeply grateful for your friendship, encouragement and moral support. Please know, I am here for you in equal measure.

Do you have special people in your life who encourage and support you?

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥