Write to Heal Level I & II


The Write to Heal Level I & II Certification program is an invitation to discover your voice. Connect the mind and the heart to express your truth. Release your past and become the best version of yourself in alignment with your soul self. When we invest in self, we are able to appreciate the present moments and move forward into our future with confidence, joy and clarity. 

This certification program was trialled in 2014 with resounding success (see testimonials)  first students attain level 1 Write to Heal certification

Beginning with the Introductory and Lotus Workshops each person is then able to continue at their own pace. These workshops have been specifically designed to unlock and release one’s past beginning with the Lotus and followed by the Gaia workshop. The others, Hertz, Temple, Zenith, Zest and Juice require no particular order. It is only the 1st and 2nd workshops that cannot be changed. A 1:1 assessment to complete the certification process is included at a private appointment scheduled soon after the completion of the eighth workshop.

What can you expect?

You will…

  • receive the Write to Heal Signature Blend [pulse point]
  • receive a personalised journal
  • explore the 9 Pillars to Attaining Your Story
  • cover a new quintessential energy at each of the workshops (excluding the introductory workshop)
  • receive Sound Reiki® alignment and grounding toning intents to assist you to discover your authentic self and connect you to Divine Source
  • be gently guided to express your creativity through the written word and various art media
  • receive a Write to Heal level 1 certificate on completion

You have the potential to…

  • gain a deeper awareness of self, your beliefs and behaviours, and release that which does not serve you
  • attain mental clarity, express your spiritual truth and grow in confidence towards a harmonious and joy-filled life
  • stimulate abundance, and feel an inner harmony that radiates your truth

Whether you’re a published author, emerging writer, have just begun or would like to begin, this program is suitable for all stages of development. As this is a journey of self-empowerment this certification program will appeal to those on a self-healing journey where writing is a valuable tool to aid one’s personal growth. You’ll gain a deeper awareness of self, who you are and what you want from life. You are not required to be a good speller or constructor of sentences. All that is required is an open mind and heart to receive. I look forward to sharing this divinely guided program with you.

Level II is a year-long program that will see you placed in prime position to get the best from life.

Write to Heal and make your mark ♥

*NB: The Introductory Write to Heal workshop is a precursor to this program and is included with the first workshop… The Lotus.

The next Introductory Workshop & Lotus Workshop date is TBA 




The remaining 6 workshops will be $89 each

(please phone 0400 730 602 to book)


Pay for 8 workshops (full Level 1 program) and receive $100 discount


[If you are not completely satisfied with the Introductory & Lotus workshops and you have paid in full, you are not obliged to continue with the remainder of the program and will be issued with a refund for the difference ~ $434]

(contact Leanda to pay in full)