In Light of the Truth

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Leanda’s physical and spiritual journey continues… In Light of the Truth is the sequel to Write to Heal.

Have you ever felt you don’t belong?

Have you sought love and it still eludes you?

Some life experiences leave an indelible scar. They permeate every cell of your being and shape your existence. Only when we seek our belonging in the world and commit to align to our Soul’s purpose does an invisible force guide us back to our journey’s path. Sometimes we need to be led back through the gates of history to witness an event through a fresh lens. Only then do we have the choice to move into a higher state of awareness where we can live in alignment with love and joy. Although moving forward can be fraught with uncertainty, standing still can be more distressing.

Now is the time to remember.

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Five Fun Facts:

  1. I have an appreciation for sports cars and I’m a fan of car racing
  2. Drinking straight lemon juice tastes good
  3. The gypsy in me has seen me move ten times
  4. Snakes are intimidating creatures
  5. I have an aversion to ticking clocks

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