Journey with Leanda

Journey with Leanda on a Writer’s Compass Getaway

and Celebrate the Seasons



Travel ‘n’ Write: is the ultimate guide to making the most from your travel adventures…

For the conscious travel enthusiast who desire’s to experience a rich and meaningful life

For all types of travel:

In mind through meditation, and by transport to another town, city, state or country.

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“I wrote the Travel ‘n’ Write guide after numerous people over the years have asked the same question, ‘What should I write about when I’m away?’ The first was a woman in her late sixties. She was going on a cruise and wanted to write about it as a keepsake for her grandchildren. Then more people asked I thought it would be a great idea to compile a series of writing prompts for those who love to travel. As I was writing this guide the conscious aspect became an important factor; to walk this Earth with awareness, compassion and humility. Whether you travel in mind or by transport, may your adventures satisfy and inspire.”


Leanda Michelle ♥


Feedback from the 2015 Write to Heal Retreat ~ Mornington Peninsula…

“Leanda delivered everything she said she would and so much more. Beautiful wholesome food, relaxing atmosphere, time to heal and in a wonderful supportive way” ~ Druimé

“I’d recommend this retreat to anyone needing a prompt to start writing or to get over writers block” ~ Thea

“I will be talking about my experience for years to come” ~ Helen

 Feedback from Season Celebrations…

‘I look forward to the weekend workshops, making new friends, celebrating the seasons, not to mention the food! Each is such a great learning experience for me. I enjoy it all and get so much out of it.’ H.G.

Gifting myself with these retreats has had lots of flow on effects in my life.  I am very grateful to Leanda for being such a meticulous and genuine facilitator.’ G.C.


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Karen Jacobsen

December 8, 2017at 10:11 am

Travel ‘n’ write allows me to tap into the very essence of my adventurous and fun loving self,
sharing and expressing my child like spirit to delight my soul, awakening my senses to open my eyes
so I can see the magic that lies in the world around us, embracing those feelings of joy, anticipation and wonder, to create memories and experiences to write home about, which will stay with me for a lifetime.

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