My Year of Joy

Welcome to the My Year of Joy program!

How might you feel about you and your life if you intended to invite joy on a daily basis?

The My Year of Joy Playbook has been designed to invite joy to become your natural state of being.

Discover the true definition of joy. Divided into twelve chapters, each month offers a different perspective of how joy is present in our life. When we are aware of what constitutes joy, we are better equipped to respond to life and its challenges with discernment.

There is a positive statement of intent, and a guided visualisation that you can read and listen to, as well as numerous writing prompts that inspire you to investigate various areas of your life.

Draw on your creative wellspring and tap into your unlimited potential. Isn’t it time you were in the driver’s seat of your life?

Choose to add the Write to Heal Essential Oil Signature Blend, and a healing session or writer’s compass session (see package deals), and you have the divine formula to see you energetically align with that which your Soul wants you to remember—the art of living life joyfully.

When you sign-up you’ll be emailed an invitation to join the Write to Know Self community. We will gather monthly in our virtual classroom where you’ll be given the opportunity to share you, your creative expression, your voice. Feel cocooned and supported in a safe loving environment with like-minded people from all around the world, who want the same as you, to feel joy in its truest form.

BONUS: You’ll receive the HeartSpeak Meditation to align and balance your energy, and ground you in preparation for your year of joy adventure. For those who have already purchased the HeartSpeak Meditation download, please connect.

Along with the My Year of Joy Playbook, every month from January through to December 2018 you’ll receive a new MP3 download in your inbox (yours to keep and replay whenever the need arises), with three or four writing prompts to ignite your creative spirit. You’ll have the month to complete the writing prompts before we gather in the virtual classroom to share and integrate, before you delve into the next month.

Whether you are an avid writer, or haven’t written before, to seek the art of living joyfully means we are willing to embrace our creativity. Writing is an empowering tool that supports a healthy mind. It’s an outlet to express our emotions. And it’s our direct connection to our higher self and our Creator.

The only question you need to answer in this moment is…

Do I want to live life more joyfully?

If you answered YES, then I welcome you with open arms and heart to see you experience your best year yet!

May you find the equilibrium, peace and harmony through your written words, and may joy become your new way to be.


Leanda Michelle ♥

My deepest gratitude to Artist: Kathleen McDowell, for illustrating the two mandalas for this project. The mandalas are copyright and may not be copied for public or private use without written permission from the publisher.

The earlybird registration closed December 6, 2017. However, you’re welcome to join us on a casual basis…


MP3 ready for download: February is Fantabulous

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