Revisiting the Past

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Revisiting the Past

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It is said, Mercury retrograde is the time to revisit, relaunch, and redo things. For me, doing one week of Facebook ‘lives’ was just that… revisiting the past.

So, what did I learn?

For three weeks prior, I’d been guided to get creative and share uplifting words in the form of games… July 24 began with the old version of Hangman renamed as Scarecrow, where the negative words were driven away. Then the week beginning July 31 the Find-a-word game was renamed Hopscotch and our inner child came out to play. There was no prize offered in the first week, though, there was in the second, which saw me share my first live video on Facebook. I felt grateful to have ticked this off my list of things that takes one out of their comfort zone, and naively thought that’d be it for a while. Ha!

August 7 and I presented a challenge for people to write their own statement of intent for the day, utilising a positive word that I’d shared using the phonetic alphabet. It was at the end of that week that I sat to ask, what’s next? That’s when I was guided to share snippets from my book Write to Heal… live on Facebook.

At first I thought this was absurd, until I was reminded of the dream I’d put out into the cosmos… a.k.a. I’d sent my third memoir to book publishers with the desire to relaunch Write to Heal and In Light of the Truth, along with it’s completed sequel—a trilogy of memoirs as I’d called it. To voice these pieces, meant I was willing to take responsibility for my written words. I was sharing my truth, and I was pouring energy into my dream.

I went ahead, feeling this was reasonable and of sound mind. It was my intent to inspire and spark self-love in the people who watched them. Yet the sharing is always a dual highway!

While I may never know what people learned from what I shared, I have personally gained a vista of fresh understanding.

I realised I have no desire to rewrite, Write to Heal.

For those who watched these videos may have noticed I did not share any of my personal story. This is because it is my past. I was guided to only share snippets that are still relevant to today, to assist people to learn and understand themselves better.

To revisit the past is to appreciate the wisdom one has attained, and use it now. It’s not about going back to camp there, unpack the old and get ourselves bogged in a marsh.

When I shared how to determine one’s timeline from understanding one’s personal year in numerology, it was to assist people to know how to move forward with confidence, having learned from their past. It’s about acknowledging the lessons learned and not being defined by them. If you’d like the free download please see this page.

We are all so much more than we may believe.

I also noticed the days I felt at my maximum—shining my brightest light—as these videos were viewed more than two hundred times. On the days where I felt less confident or found myself wading through fear, there were fewer views. Which sought to show me that I’m always being ‘looked after’ and there truly is nothing to be afraid of.

What remains is my gratitude, for all I have learned and who I have become. I accept that my trilogy of memoirs, about love and belonging—whether they are picked up or not by a publishing house—are complete. I have fulfilled my aspirations to heal self and am now free to live my life joyfully, in peace, balance and harmony. Sure, there will be further things that pop up… we are students of life, after all. For the most part, though, I close the door to my past and choose to embrace my unlimited potential… whatever this entails.

This process has reinforced my belief in self and the writing programs I have created to assist people on their path to knowing who they are and why they’re here. As I shared at the beginning of 2017, this year was going to be about joy and reinventing myself, and I feel I’ve just begun!

Thank you sincerely for walking with me on this journey we call Earth life. It is a beautiful and magical place where miracles occur on a daily basis, when we’re willing to believe.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥

PS: Interestingly, after writing this I chose three photos for a collage to go with my post. I discovered the cyclamen is symbolic of resignation.  It’s a flower that means goodbye. The ladybug is symbolic of luck and protection. And the bee is said to be a potent symbol of love, sweet abundance, and anything is possible. Bees can also be viewed as a message to stop being so busy. So, in summary… goodbye old… hello new. I’m super keen to see what unfolds!

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Leanda Michelle

Leanda Michelle is a writer and author, workshop creator and facilitator. An advocate and educator of natural healing methods, Leanda has transformed her life from student to Master Teacher and entrepreneur, and believes all have the power within to heal and rewrite their story. Leanda is a disciplined yoga and Pilates fan, loves capturing photographic moments in nature, is confident in the kitchen and passionate about travelling to sacred places. When she’s not writing, Leanda loves to sing as though no one were listening. Sensitive and empathic, Leanda aspires to uplift and empower others to live a meaningful life. A loyal friend, she values integrity and the splendour of being. Presently, Leanda is home in Australia visualising her next projects and writing adventures.



August 28, 2017at 8:05 am

Wow Leanda, such beautiful, powerful words! I had tears of joy 😊. I feel you have just stepped up another rung on life’s ladder. You continuously keep me motivated and inspired. Thank you, I’m celebrating with you 💜💟

    Leanda Michelle

    August 28, 2017at 8:50 am

    I have tears of joy reading your heartfelt comment… thank you so much Camilla for sharing in the celebration of life’s adventures with me. Love and warm hugs 💜 xo

Karen Jacobssen

August 28, 2017at 8:22 am

Good Morning to you Leanda michelle and I thank you you for sharing your truth.
“We are indeed students of life as you say”

For every step you take, from books you have written to completing your first live video on facie, and confronting those milestones, it inspires us to realize we all have those wonderful gifts to share with each other, It helps to have people like yourself light up those stairs for others to see more clearly, so we may climb that little bit higher and believe that all things are possible in our own precious way and time frame.

We may all be on a different run of that staircase, but as you gracefully climb one step higher, so do we, encouraging each other to take one more step and keep moving onwards and upwards, exploring all possibilities for our inner growth as we blossom and grow together.

I myself am continuing to challenge the real me, exploring my creativity, with new ideas presenting themselves along the way and some that were lying dormant for a while and then the spark goes off and that gentle reminder resurfaces once more! with ease and grace, I will continue to work through what matters most and have fun and adventure along the way.

Love and Blessings to All xox

    Leanda Michelle

    August 28, 2017at 9:04 am

    My response to your hearts share Karen was to burst into tears, as it has been my wish for as long as I can remember, to inspire and uplift others on their journey’s path. You have succinctly expressed it so beautifully… that we are one… all on this extraordinary adventure together, and learning from others that we are capable. I am deeply grateful to every teacher I have met, listened to, and watched, to date… no doubt there will be more to come. For a long time, I was afraid to leave people behind (so to speak… no one is, in truth… this was one of my mental limitations) and refused to climb that staircase, that was until I learned that to stay in the same place was counter-productive.

    I love your intent to have fun and adventure while you attend to what matters most… a definite recipe for success. Thank you for reading and sharing your true brilliance… I see your shining light, and it’s bright! 💜 xo

Karen Jacobsen

August 28, 2017at 8:26 am

Oh and By the Way I have a picture of that Staircase if you would like it!
The Light is at the Top of Course!

    Leanda Michelle

    August 28, 2017at 9:08 am

    Funny you should mention the staircase, Karen. When I wrote this piece, I saw the staircase and watched a whole scene unfold in my mind’s eye. The doors closing… climbing the stairs… and new doors opening. Thank you for the offer… much appreciated. xo

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