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Learning to Sail – Part 2

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It’s late November, 2017 and a blissful evening for a stroll along the Mornington Esplanade. I capture the sun as it sets across the bay, and then sit on a large rectangular rock to gaze at the sea. Voices mix with the traffic behind me. Then I think I hear music and I’m lured by its distant melody. I’m led to a hall where a band is practicing. I marvel at their collaboration, and am reminded of when I used to play the trombone. The sound spurs me on and I smile and hum to myself.

An unusually warm breeze rich with seduction caresses the exposed parts of my skin. It’s freeing to have no destination and I feel content to meander for the pure pleasure of it.

Where I end up is on a cliff that overlooks the marina. I watch the people, out in their droves, boating, jet-skiing, canoodling… before I turn my attention to the toffee marbled sky.

A question pops into my mind, ‘How do I want to celebrate turning 50?’

Another question follows, ‘If I were to die tomorrow, what would I feel I’d missed out on?’

Easy… ‘Sailing!’

I was eleven years of age when I first went on a yacht. My parents confirmed the year was 1979, along with a few finer details. We left from the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, Outer Harbour for afternoon tea on-board a yacht that had once sailed in the Sydney to Hobart race. Though, the name of it can not be recalled, it was owned by my Dad’s boss, Jack Winter.

All I remember was sitting at the bow with my legs dangling over the edge, hanging onto the silver railing and being in awe of the dolphins who were joining me in my joy.

I have wanted to experience this again, ever since.

I arrive early so I can climb into the wetsuit. In my nervousness I put it on back to front… take a deep breath, remove it and have another go. Success!

Then I meet Matthew on the grass in front of the Mount Martha Yacht Club to get the Pacer ready… that’s the name of the two-person sailing boat that I’m to learn on.

Of course, the numbers are the first thing to grab my attention… 2523… reduces to 3… perfect, we need clear communication to learn how to sail. Moreover, it’s a soulful opportunity.

Find out what happens on my maiden voyage in part 3.

Do you have a fond memory of doing something you thoroughly enjoyed in your childhood? What’s the first memory that pops into your mind? Do you still do this today? Or have you yet to invite it back into your life? I invite you to share your thoughts and memories, below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Bring Balance to Your Life

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On many an occasion I’ve either been asked how I keep thin or how I seem to maintain a positive attitude when things aren’t flowing well! No, I don’t have a thyroid problem, and I don’t pop pills 😉

For me, keeping slim and being happy are achieved from attempting to live a balanced life.

So how might you bring balance to your life?

I believe the key areas of balance are to—

maintain our health… mental, emotional, physical, spiritual

honour our relationships… partner, family, friends, acquaintances

appreciate our career… the part we play in the world is an important piece of the whole

embrace our sense of adventure… travel and explore things we’ve not done before

Breaking these points down further we benefit from—

eating healthy foods

exercising daily

taking the time to relax, meditate or be mindful in any given task

breathing deeply

laughing often

nurturing our intuition

balancing our energy centres (chakras) daily

being grateful

talking to our inner child that wants to play

immersing self in nature

writing a daily journal / being creative

sharing compassion, love and kindness in all we do

living for now

The above assists you to Be You and to Love You

How do you bring balance to your life? Can you recall the last moment that took your breath away? Please share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle 



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Write Emotions (part 2)

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(photo credit: scenicreflection.com)

Which emotional response best suits the situation you find yourself in? Would it be a wise decision to speak about how you’re feeling, expressed from the heart? Would it be more beneficial if you were to write a letter to the person whom you have an issue with – vent your anger and frustration, then, rather than give them the letter, burn it or rip it into pieces?

Welcome to Write Emotions (part 2).

One of the great things we were advised to invest in for our three sons, many years ago, was a boxing bag. It was like punching a wall it was so hard. Boxing gloves were definitely a must! This was a fabulous outlet to express their emotions; anger and frustration in particular. However, any form of exercise whether strenuous or gentle helps the body to keep everything in flow.

By ‘everything’ I mean your energy centres (chakras), meridians, all the mechanical workings of your entire being. It’s becoming more and more necessary to tune into our emotions as we shift into a higher vibration. Gone are the days of hiding our emotions, stuffing them down, or covering them with other stuff. Once upon a time it wasn’t cool to show our emotions especially if we were male.

I’m sure you remember these words: ‘toughen up’ ‘chin up’ ‘don’t cry’ ‘don’t be a woos’ – what good did this do us? Unfortunately there is no good-news answer to this question. If you want to be a better person, heal self, know self better or be in a position to help others, then first you need to tune into your emotions.

How do I do this, I hear you say? One of the simplest tasks you can carry out on a daily basis upon rising – usually the first thing one does is make a toilet stop – is to tune into each aspect of self: ‘How am I feeling emotionally? How am I feeling physically? Do I have any aches, pains, muscle tension anywhere? Has my mind launched in to what I have to do today? Are you still thinking about that vivid dream you had, or is your mind peaceful and still?’

When you’re aware of what’s going on, you are in a position to change it, if need be.

A physical symptom is usually the first sign that something is not quite right. On a recent plane flight the air pressure built up in my ears and became so unbearable I thought my ear drums were going to burst. I used all the healing tools available to me and later sought assistance from my naturopath to cover all bases.

Among his diagnosis it was revealed I was holding muscle tension – a sure sign there were emotional gremlins, but where? Once asked, it didn’t take long for me to recognise where the tension was – in the shoulders and why it was there – feeling burdened. Having gained this awareness then enabled me to do something about it. In my case, yoga, being mindful of my thoughts, healing a past trauma and ordering some mineral supplements.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, yet we need to focus on working at it from the inside, out 🙂

Which brings me to the saying, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Reinhold Niebuhr.

Your task for the week, should you accept this mission, is to tune in daily to your emotions and acknowledge what you feel. At the end of the week, reward your efforts… what is one thing you can do for self that is something just for you?’

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle