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Revisiting the Past

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It is said, Mercury retrograde is the time to revisit, relaunch, and redo things. For me, doing one week of Facebook ‘lives’ was just that… revisiting the past.

So, what did I learn?

For three weeks prior, I’d been guided to get creative and share uplifting words in the form of games… July 24 began with the old version of Hangman renamed as Scarecrow, where the negative words were driven away. Then the week beginning July 31 the Find-a-word game was renamed Hopscotch and our inner child came out to play. There was no prize offered in the first week, though, there was in the second, which saw me share my first live video on Facebook. I felt grateful to have ticked this off my list of things that takes one out of their comfort zone, and naively thought that’d be it for a while. Ha!

August 7 and I presented a challenge for people to write their own statement of intent for the day, utilising a positive word that I’d shared using the phonetic alphabet. It was at the end of that week that I sat to ask, what’s next? That’s when I was guided to share snippets from my book Write to Heal… live on Facebook.

At first I thought this was absurd, until I was reminded of the dream I’d put out into the cosmos… a.k.a. I’d sent my third memoir to book publishers with the desire to relaunch Write to Heal and In Light of the Truth, along with it’s completed sequel—a trilogy of memoirs as I’d called it. To voice these pieces, meant I was willing to take responsibility for my written words. I was sharing my truth, and I was pouring energy into my dream.

I went ahead, feeling this was reasonable and of sound mind. It was my intent to inspire and spark self-love in the people who watched them. Yet the sharing is always a dual highway!

While I may never know what people learned from what I shared, I have personally gained a vista of fresh understanding.

I realised I have no desire to rewrite, Write to Heal.

For those who watched these videos may have noticed I did not share any of my personal story. This is because it is my past. I was guided to only share snippets that are still relevant to today, to assist people to learn and understand themselves better.

To revisit the past is to appreciate the wisdom one has attained, and use it now. It’s not about going back to camp there, unpack the old and get ourselves bogged in a marsh.

When I shared how to determine one’s timeline from understanding one’s personal year in numerology, it was to assist people to know how to move forward with confidence, having learned from their past. It’s about acknowledging the lessons learned and not being defined by them. If you’d like the free download please see this page.

We are all so much more than we may believe.

I also noticed the days I felt at my maximum—shining my brightest light—as these videos were viewed more than two hundred times. On the days where I felt less confident or found myself wading through fear, there were fewer views. Which sought to show me that I’m always being ‘looked after’ and there truly is nothing to be afraid of.

What remains is my gratitude, for all I have learned and who I have become. I accept that my trilogy of memoirs, about love and belonging—whether they are picked up or not by a publishing house—are complete. I have fulfilled my aspirations to heal self and am now free to live my life joyfully, in peace, balance and harmony. Sure, there will be further things that pop up… we are students of life, after all. For the most part, though, I close the door to my past and choose to embrace my unlimited potential… whatever this entails.

This process has reinforced my belief in self and the writing programs I have created to assist people on their path to knowing who they are and why they’re here. As I shared at the beginning of 2017, this year was going to be about joy and reinventing myself, and I feel I’ve just begun!

Thank you sincerely for walking with me on this journey we call Earth life. It is a beautiful and magical place where miracles occur on a daily basis, when we’re willing to believe.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle♥

PS: Interestingly, after writing this I chose three photos for a collage to go with my post. I discovered the cyclamen is symbolic of resignation.  It’s a flower that means goodbye. The ladybug is symbolic of luck and protection. And the bee is said to be a potent symbol of love, sweet abundance, and anything is possible. Bees can also be viewed as a message to stop being so busy. So, in summary… goodbye old… hello new. I’m super keen to see what unfolds!

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In Light of the Truth

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Happiness Day1

In the lead up to International Happiness Day, I wish to share with you the book trailer for In Light of the Truth.


Because despite there being tears on the front cover, In Light of the Truth is a story about discovering joy through the release of tears… and more.

Please enjoy watching the book trailer for In Light of the Truth. Feel free to share your comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!

Leanda Michelle ♥

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2016 Year of the Monkey

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3 Wise Monkeys

Speaking from experience… yes, I am a “monkey”… 2016 Year of the Monkey is set to rock the foundations of our world with new adventures and fresh opportunities for positive change and transformation. I say this because, 2016 is red fire monkey year… which means it’s all about passion, energy and taking action.

Again speaking from experience, we can be lit with an abundance of passion and energy, yet unless we take action the fuse won’t stay alight 😉

2016 is also a 9 global year in numerology… it’s a year of completion as it’s the end of a 9-year cycle. What do you have to let go of? What projects do you plan to finish? What requires de-cluttering from your life? 9 also represents wisdom, so seeking guidance from your higher self, God, the Divine Source (what you believe in) will assist you to gain the knowledge and understanding you desire.

If you’re a monkey like me, you know you can do anything, right? So, a few words of advice… don’t do what I once did and be a Monkey See Monkey Do type of person!


If you don’t know how to “be you” or how to “love you” then be willing to find out. This can be done in a myriad of ways… of course, you knew I was going to suggest you WRITE! Start a daily journal about how you feel. If you’re not feeling so great, begin a gratitude journal as well. Writing doesn’t cost you anything… not even time… and it’s your best option because there is no third-party-person involved. Other options include a variety of healing modalities. Be willing to seek and have-a-go at a variety of healing options because they all serve to address different areas of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. And all healing happens in layers.

Then there’s the Monkey Mind!

Life is much smoother when we address quietening the monkey mind. If you’ve not given meditation a go, do so. It doesn’t have to be done at the same time every day. I doesn’t have to be a regular habit. Take it outside in nature. Do it inside when inclement weather days arise. Have your eyes open, or shut. The purpose is to still the monkey mind and become more aware of your thoughts. If there are negative thoughts where do these come from… what is the underscoring belief?

My rule of thumb is what empowers and leaves you feeling good is good for you. There will always be the not-so-fabulous experiences, yet these serve to teach us to keep moving… forward, with a deeper understanding and having attained wisdom.

Remember the three wise monkeys?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil… this translates to…

  1. choose not to listen to fear, in your mind or externally
  2. see the good in others because beneath every person’s layers of behaviour there is good
  3. speak your truth

And to add a little monkey magic to your year, imagine what you wish to create in the clouds…


Are you a monkey like me? If not, what Chinese New Year were you born in? Can you relate to monkey see monkey do, the monkey mind, or the three wise monkeys? And what monkey magic would you like to create this year?

May 2016 sparkle bright and ignite your passion to live a fulfilling year!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: If you want to write a book in 2016 and have your words flow with grace and ease, get the Write to Heal Signature Pulse Point blend or essential oil blend.

PSS: Red Fire Monkey Year begins February 8th.

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2015 in Review

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Here’s my 2015 in review for the year I deemed to be ‘I am here, here I am’ —this is still a work in progress however I am delighted with all I’ve come to understand around this mantra.

This has been my most magical year to-date. I set out with many and various aims and for the most part I did attain them, with a couple of exceptions… completing the sequel to Write to Heal and selling my first batch of the Write to Heal Signature Blend essential oilThere is a better plan being devised to accomplish these in 2016!

Focusing on the highlights, please join me for an overview of this year…

Coinciding with my parents 49th wedding anniversary I got off my butt and recorded the HeartSpeak MeditationIf you’ve not heard or felt Sound Reiki® before then you’ll love feeling aligned and grounded after listening to this recording.


Thanks to Adrian at Incubator Recording and Mastering

Later in the month I moved to live by the sea… it has been a dream come true!


At Mount Martha Beach on sunset ~ thanks Jenni for the photo!

It wasn’t all work and no play as I dared to go a little wild and dress up to attend a Bohemian Cabaret.

Bohemian style

Jenni and I in gypsy attire

I was drawn to do Qigong, beachside! You can read about this adventure here. And later in the year I attended my first pilates class too, however yoga is still my mainstay.

Read the article, 'Be Willing' @ The Mindset Effect

Read the article, ‘Be Willing’ @ The Mindset Effect

I was fortunate to share healing energy with wonderful clients, host fabulous writing workshops and teach Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki® … what can I say? I love what I do! Congratulations to all♥

IMG_1376 IMG_2162 IMG_2768 IMG_1970[2]


WTH Canada workshop

I attended an Active Shamanic Dreaming workshop with Ruth Lewis (trained by Robert Moss) and discovered the process of reaching into the subconscious to reveal what my dreams are telling me about my waking life.


The Write to Heal Signature Blend essential oil was launched… I love this and apply it daily!


Thank you to M.K. for the awesome photography!

A very special time was shared with five gorgeous women at the inaugural Write to Heal Retreat… I still smile thinking about these hugely creative and inspirational souls and how each touched my heart with their stories…


We played the Sparkle-Time Game from my eBook Write to Heal and it exceeded my expectations! Phew!


Druime did an awesome job of the photography, thank you!

There was travel involved too—discovering literacy and more in Paris, and sharing the beaut company of friends in Canada where I was blessed to host a Write to Heal workshop and experience a transformational sound healing session with Seraphim Supported Sound.


Each took me way out of my comfort zone and more into alignment with my true self. While the learning continues, I am loving my life, the adventures and the promise of new opportunities.

This is not to say that this year’s journey has been all bliss and giggles… far from it. There was a lot of learning, plenty of failed attempts at putting self ‘out there’ and leads that resulted in dead-ends. More on this in the next book.

With the completion of a year one may ponder what next years mantra might be. I didn’t have to consider this question for very long. I welcome…


Please share one highlight from your year. Did you attain some or all of your intentions? What is your mantra for 2016?

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. May your festive season be bright, beautiful and abundant with love, joy and laughter.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda ♥

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A New Experience

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Feeling energy at the third eye ~ Machu Picchu Peru 2012

I was recently guided to attend an independent publishing event by authors Ocean Reeve and Cindy Rochstein. Ocean discussed the differences between traditional publishing, self-publishing and independent publishing.

While most will understand the differences between traditional and self-publishing, the independent publisher is maybe not so well known or understood.

Basically when you self-publish as I have done, everything is done by self… you write the manuscript, find a professional editor, ask 6-10 friends to read your story and offer feedback, you seek a book cover designer or design it yourself, purchase your ISBN, QR code, do the typesetting, market and promote it.

This is a brief outline and it’s a LOT of work! You’re on your own, just you and your discipline to see your dream come true.

The independent publisher is there to relieve you of some of the stress and do all of some of this for you while you keep the rights to your work. So, if you’re one who’d like to stick to being creative, this option may suit you. Keep in mind that with each step another cost is incurred. I can see a lot I like about this independent option now that I’ve done most of the hard work.

I digress.

What I wished to share with you was a new experience—I say new because in my 47 years of life I’ve not encountered this experience before. It happened while mingling with writers at this event.

An elderly woman joined my friend and I after Ocean had finished his spiel. A light discussion ensued and soon developed into something more serious when she heard about my Write to Heal (Know Self) gatherings. “Well,” she said, “I do have a lot that needs healing in my life.”

My friend and I waited for her to continue. “Yes, I have lost two of those I dearly loved to suicide.” I noted my friends reaction, her look of horror and deep sadness that no doubt mirrored my own. For a moment there was silence until the elderly woman continued. The subject matter quickly changed to a light-hearted story full of laughter, until I was drawn away to chat with another.

Soon, my friend approached me to say goodbye and I thought it was probably time I did the same, only the elderly woman again struck up a conversation with me. More talk ensued until she looked into my eyes through the lens of her rectangular steel-framed glasses and said, “You’re the second psychic I’ve met within weeks—”

My face must have expressed surprise.

“—it’s your eyes, they sparkle knowingly.” She paused. “People like you scare me.” With that she touched my arm as if to reassure me that she meant no harm.

I admit, I have felt people’s intrigue by my mysteriousness at times. The above photo is proof of this! However, I have never suspected anyone would fear me and I wondered what exactly it was that she was afraid of. Although, oddly I appreciated her raw honesty. This moment passed and she proceeded to tell me one of her greatest regrets. I listened with compassion and empathy, and felt her pain.

What was noteworthy, was her one saving grace—her writing.

The woman has an endearing and wicked sense of humour. I have a feeling our paths may cross again and I look forward to when it does.

Do you fear people who have or appear to have psychic abilities? If so, what is it that frightens you? Please share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥