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Learning to Sail – Part 2

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It’s late November, 2017 and a blissful evening for a stroll along the Mornington Esplanade. I capture the sun as it sets across the bay, and then sit on a large rectangular rock to gaze at the sea. Voices mix with the traffic behind me. Then I think I hear music and I’m lured by its distant melody. I’m led to a hall where a band is practicing. I marvel at their collaboration, and am reminded of when I used to play the trombone. The sound spurs me on and I smile and hum to myself.

An unusually warm breeze rich with seduction caresses the exposed parts of my skin. It’s freeing to have no destination and I feel content to meander for the pure pleasure of it.

Where I end up is on a cliff that overlooks the marina. I watch the people, out in their droves, boating, jet-skiing, canoodling… before I turn my attention to the toffee marbled sky.

A question pops into my mind, ‘How do I want to celebrate turning 50?’

Another question follows, ‘If I were to die tomorrow, what would I feel I’d missed out on?’

Easy… ‘Sailing!’

I was eleven years of age when I first went on a yacht. My parents confirmed the year was 1979, along with a few finer details. We left from the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, Outer Harbour for afternoon tea on-board a yacht that had once sailed in the Sydney to Hobart race. Though, the name of it can not be recalled, it was owned by my Dad’s boss, Jack Winter.

All I remember was sitting at the bow with my legs dangling over the edge, hanging onto the silver railing and being in awe of the dolphins who were joining me in my joy.

I have wanted to experience this again, ever since.

I arrive early so I can climb into the wetsuit. In my nervousness I put it on back to front… take a deep breath, remove it and have another go. Success!

Then I meet Matthew on the grass in front of the Mount Martha Yacht Club to get the Pacer ready… that’s the name of the two-person sailing boat that I’m to learn on.

Of course, the numbers are the first thing to grab my attention… 2523… reduces to 3… perfect, we need clear communication to learn how to sail. Moreover, it’s a soulful opportunity.

Find out what happens on my maiden voyage in part 3.

Do you have a fond memory of doing something you thoroughly enjoyed in your childhood? What’s the first memory that pops into your mind? Do you still do this today? Or have you yet to invite it back into your life? I invite you to share your thoughts and memories, below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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In Light of the Truth Excerpt

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Do you prefer to read a book or listen to the audio version? I love both.

Considering I use my voice to tone in Sound Reiki® and all sound vibrates at a frequency and effects our energy, it occurred to me that podcasting could be my next step before speaking in front of the camera—baby steps are good, you know! So, I consulted with a dear friend, who I feel I’ve known forever, yet in reality we haven’t met and she is a friend via a Facebook group, called Women Who Write. Thank you Darcy Conroy… check out her book and podcasts here… I’m a fan!

After chatting with Darcy, I researched and purchased the equipment, and then played… was lots of fun. My first experiment was to record an excerpt from my latest memoir, In Light of the Truth. In keeping with my way of writing, this is a super short chapter as was the first chapter for Write to Heal. Read along with the text below while you listen, if you wish, then let me know in the comments below whether you enjoyed it.

Please enjoy chapter one: Let’s Play—

Slimy. I am mesmerised by the way they move, leaving intricate patterns in their wake on the grey gravel driveway.


I hear the swish of the chamois in the bucket.

The chamois connects with the roof of the car. Soap bubbles splash and run in rivulets down the shiny painted doors.

Above, patches of cloud cover the sky and form unusual shapes.

Birds chirp in chorus from the nearby bushes and trees. Their song pierces the cool air.

In the distance I hear a siren wailing. Dad pays no attention to the noise and focuses on his task.

A sweet smell reaches my nose. It comes from inside the house. Mum is cooking and I want to investigate. As I attempt to stand the creature again captures my attention.

The snail is slow, steady and small, like me. I imagine its eyes screening the landscape through its telescopic antennas. One touch with my pointer finger and they retract inside its shell.

Where are you going? Come back. I want to play.

The shell is hard, yet not so tough I can’t break it with my infant hands. I continue to pull off pieces of the spiral shell until its soft slippery body is all that remains.

The paintwork glimmers as the sun peeks from behind a cloud. My blank canvas is smooth, reflective, alluring.

Draw a picture for me, snail.

Daddy will be happy with me, snail.

One stroke.

Two strokes.

Three strokes, four.

Five strokes.

Six strokes.

Seven strokes… no more.


What’s the verdict? The background to my voice sounds a little hollow, I know. There’s no doubt lots more I can learn to improve future podcasts. More about these later 🙂

Thank you for your feedback, please share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: In Light of the Truth is available for pre-order here until 18th May 2016 (approx 250 pages). You can read the blurb from the back of the book at this link also. And if you haven’t yet seen the book trailer, please click here.

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Si’Stars in Duality (part 4)

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Part 4

This is the final part in this four part series of Si’Stars in Duality…

It saddens me to leave Machu Picchu, yet we must move onto our final destination – Cusco ‘Navel of the Earth’ and built in the shape of a puma – the wisdom keeper of Kay Pacha (the external world) and sun God. We visit the head of the puma at Sacsayhuaman (pronounced Saqsaywaman – or sexy woman!) and are in awe of the precise stone work that fits snugly together without mortar. Stone shapes of animals are woven through the 3-tiered zig-zag shape wall structure Illapa God (thunder and lightning) and represent three levels of the religious world and three sacred animals. Peruvians celebrate Inti Raymi, the annual Inca festival of the winter solstice each year, where the sun meets the moon on opposite sides of the grounds.

The markets blur rainbows of colour, most the size of a football field. I learn quickly that if I so much as show the slightest bit of interest in any one thing, then it is mine. Bartering is expected, and one soon knows when the vendor has reached their limit.

1063-Saqsaywoman 2


This new energy/vibration I feel is like a plateau, an intriguing place where all is within grasp of my fingertips, yet I can’t quite touch it through the veil of illusion. On the one hand my intuitive mind knows and understands what IS while simultaneously I can also see my past habitual behaviour, programmed mind and concepts of values and beliefs that are no longer valid. Each of us discovers much about self; whether an experience, a memory, insight or truth, one thing is certain, we are changed.

Sisters on a Sacred Journey

We arrive home with our Peruvian gemstones of Lapis Lazuli and Peruvian Turquoise, our Huayruro seed beads that ward off negativity and bring good fortune, print our photos and share our stories, and why? To convince ourselves that this adventure really did happen.

To journey with Pachamama in Peru, is to feel at ONE with all that IS.

©Leanda Michelle (May 2012)

Yes, this journey was two years ago. I live in awe and the excitement of what lays ahead on this next journey. Another spiritual sojourn, this time delving into energy and vortexes, and learning about the Hopi Indian culture amid much more. I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle 



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Let Go

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spring equinox event 2Unity Mandala Spring Equinox                              It’s a Rap!

“Like nature, we now have the opportunity to  bloom,” I said, to the participants at the weekend Spring Equinox Awaken Your Spirit event. It was the seventh seasons event I’d been involved in since my first in 2009 with dear friend Margaret. I had a vision to honour women and help them to recognise the beauty that shines within, only I didn’t feel confident to run such an event alone. Since then I have been blessed to work with Anne Marie, Tracey and Sage, at varying locations and always with beautiful like-minded women willing to embrace the change of seasons, embark on a journey of self-discovery and let go. This one, however, was the first time I’ve run it on my own and in my own space. This was more convenient but paradoxically it held more responsibility also.

I needn’t have been concerned. The day burst into magnificence right from the start. The weather was kind, my guests were gorgeous, the food – delicious, the workshops – fun and the feedback – hugely positive. Together, we created two pieces of art – a unity mandala (using all manner of scraps and leftovers from creative projects long ago – decluttering!) and the coins (above) which amounted to $98.10 (one of my sons generously added another $1.90 to make it $100!) – to be donated to the Homes of Hope girls orphanage, India. http://www.homeofhopeindia.org/ Thank you to everyone who donated 🙂

But, it was as I warmed self by the fire after my guests had gone, gazing at the flicker of flames licking the lumps of wood, that I silently thought about all the events that had gone before and the lessons I had learned. In my journal I contemplated the day of workshops filled with love, light and laughter, the creativity that flowed through each, and the stories shared. And too, I acknowledged my achievement. Then came the surprise… what I couldn’t ignore was the cycle of completion – I had mastered what I needed to learn and it was time to let go.

Fortunately, wherever there is death of the old one can be sure there will be forthcoming, blessings of the new. While I have no idea what will replace these joyous events, I trust all will be revealed in the right time and right place.

Thank you to all the beautiful women who have embraced these events over the past four years. I will treasure the memories.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living♥

Leanda Michelle♥