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Learning to Sail – Part 1

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The forecast is set for 19 degrees. It’s cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, and 23 kms/hr ssw winds — perfect conditions for learning to sail says my 18 years young instructor, Matthew.

I feel like I’m 18 years young again too, and not about to turn 50, such is the excitement I feel bubbling in my energy field. I’ve noticed the Universe has my back on this too, as my first task in preparation of this adventure is to find appropriate clothing.

I need a wetsuit, and if I don’t have one of these then shorts, tee and vest will do. The shorts and tee aren’t a problem, but I don’t own a vest or a wetsuit. I ask a friend who surfs on the off chance she knows where I can get my hands on one. Then I decide to commit to go regardless.

That’s the thing about not being attached to the outcome. It allows your flow to weave its magic. A few days later, my dear friend gets back to me. She’s found a wetsuit. Thanks to Prue from East Coast Surf School I’m ready. I’ve never worn a full wetsuit before, the closest was shorts from when I’d water-skied on the Murray River — many moons ago.


I make the decision to watch a tutorial on how to put on and take off a wetsuit. I know, it can’t be that hard, right! Though, it’s not good practice to think one knows it all. From my experience this can bring one unstuck. I’m glad I listen, because what I learn is fingernails can damage the wetsuit fabric… and I have nails!

Being mindful to use the tips of my fingers and not my nails, I wriggle into the wetsuit. I can’t stop smiling. There’s excitement. Anticipation. And I feel safe in the knowledge that I will wear a life jacket. Do I feel any fear? Yes and no. Yes because the ocean far exceeds me… it’s power, mystery, energy, and magnitude of space. No, because I place my complete trust in my quest for learning and remembering.

I’m a mermaid! Just kidding. Though the thought is a happy playful one.

So, why sail? Find out in part 2.

What’s new for you? Have you sailed before? Share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!

Leanda Michelle ♥

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A Canadian Summer

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thumb_P1260789_1024At last, I’m writing to you from across the pond where I am enjoying a Canadian summer. It’s hot and humid, with the humidex (yes—a Canadian invented word) hovering anywhere between 45 and 65%, yet I don’t mind. There are worse things, like the smell of skunk gas that has breezed in through my bedroom window in the middle of the night! Geez, that’s bad!!!

There are many animals I’m not used to seeing or hearing. For example, I recently heard a pack of coyotes hollowing—combining yelps, yips, barks and high-pitched howls—it was eerie and powerful! There are two reasons for their chorus: to call the family back together again after individual hunting, or to mark their territory and warn other packs not to trespass on their territory.

In the garden where I am staying, I saw my first bumblebee enjoying the nectar inside the Hosta flowers. They’re so much bigger than a honey bee. Then there are the squirrels and chipmunks, ravens and bluejays, each protected and appreciated as part of the whole.

IMG_0824I am surrounded by green, which is unique because in Australia summer usually goes with brown and dry. The shades of green are variegated and lush. While I sit in awe of the magic on this land, Brother wind carries messages through the leaves.

I pause to smile. Have you watched ‘The Lakehouse’ with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? I must’ve seen this movie more than half a dozen times. Well my dear host, Cathy, asked if I could get the mail from her mailbox. Sure. I went for a walk, collected it and brought it back. Sometime later, a family member arrived home and said, ‘I noticed you haven’t got your mail, I’ll go get it for you.’ ‘No, I’ve got it,’ said Cathy. ‘But the flags still up.’

Then it dawned on me. You’d think having watched ‘The Lakehouse’ I would’ve known to put the red flag down when it had been emptied. HA!

I love these idiosyncrasies, how our country, culture, language and daily living varies. It’s such a treat.

One thing I’ve reconsidered since being here is posting one of my books. If you thought Australia Post was expensive, think again. To give you an idea: Australia Post $6.20 Canada $15.40 (includes the postpack) wow! It’s all good though because the Kindle version of ‘In Light of the Truth’ has been uploaded and is now available to download here… YAY!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I appreciate your company. Is there something you’d like to know about Canada? Where have you been and what idiosyncrasies have you noticed?

Till soon… I can feel the creative juices stirring.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Spring Writing Prompts

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Grevillea Morning Dew ~ LM

‘Spring’ was the theme for the Write to Know Self regular gathering this month. It was a magical day seemingly sprinkled with fairy dust. Set against a backdrop of duo-toned blue sea and sky the creative juices flowed.

The Write to Heal Essential Oil Blend filled our senses with confidence and inspiration, while the spring writing prompts stretched our minds to connect, create and communicate.

We began with a series of journaling prompts from Rachel Naomi Remen MD—taken from a TED talk I watched several years ago. I loved her suggestion, to rewind the days events and bring more meaning to our everyday world.

The first writing prompt was to write about, ‘What surprised you’ on the first day of spring?

The second writing prompt asked, ‘What touched your heart’ on the first day of spring?

The third writing prompt invited us to explore, ‘What inspired you’ on the first day of spring?

While each was able to express a surprise and something that touched their heart, not all felt inspired. I admired the raw honesty of their shared truth. For inspiration is not something we can demand and often appears when we least expect it.

Rosemary Fresh Shoots ~ LM

We contemplated some famous quotes:

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~ Robin Williams

You can cut all the flower but you cannot keep spring from coming ~ Pablo Neruda

And this one from Richard Dawkins gave us all pause for thought…

Isn’t it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?

And thanks to Marg Thomas from my previous Ridge Writers group Mirboo North, Victoria we were blessed to imagine her ‘Trilogy of Haikus for Spring’…

Spring’s Contrast…

Harsh gales bite faces,

Newly warm sun splits clouds;

Everywhere shoots sprout.

Spring’s Surprise…

Weeds tall as Triffids,

Nestled in tight, a bud lives,

A new day’s promise.

Spring’s Work…

Sore back, dirty nails,

Fragrant loam trickles in shoes,

Small plants, new colours.

~ ©Marg Thomas 2011

We wrote prose about the word ‘freedom’… for some this represented transport, for others it was about escape.

Today I feel content to simply be

the freedom is in the choice to be free

a state of mind devoid of all difficulty ~ LM

To complete the spring-theme session we were guided on a visualisation to enter our mind and discover what may wish to spring forth from it’s dormancy.

Have you ever written a Haiku? What would you like to spring forth in your world?

Write to Heal and make your mark!

Leanda Michelle ♥

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Essential Oils for Students

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A Student Reading her Story

It’s not easy being a parent. We’re not given an instruction manual on how to raise our offspring to be intelligent, resilient and exceptional beings.

I believe the majority of parents want whats best for their children…

  • to learn and attain knowledge
  • to be happy and content
  • to love and be loved
  • to find meaning and purpose in their daily lives
  • to make wise choices and know they have the freewill to change these when necessary
  • to succeed in all they undertake

Often though, what we consider to be the best course of action for our offspring—to realise all these wonderful attributes—is not aligned to what they require. We forget that while they are part of us and part of the whole, they have their own unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We forget that we were once their age exploring, experimenting and pushing the boundaries to find out where we fit into the scheme of things.

All of us, no matter our age desires to belong.

On this journey called life we encounter many experiences that develop our patterns of behaviour. Some of these behaviours block us from being the best we can be. While the student may feel ‘less than’, the teachers also become frustrated with students who they believe ‘have the potential’ yet do not produce the written results. As for the parents, they continue to love their offspring yet don’t necessarily have the answers on how to improve any given situation.

This is where essential oils can assist our students to be at peace with themselves, to rise above the daily challenges and find the strength and ability to cope… with stress, when amongst their peers and when under the pressure of exams.

Essential oils improve the communication between our cells. ~ Tweet this!

Many essential oils are antiviral and are emotionally balancing. ~ Tweet this!

The use of essential oils aid our wellness and assist us to become independent. ~ Tweet this!

The alternative is manmade drugs and many can be counter-productive as you can read in this article by Dr. David Stewart, Ph.D. He shares why essential oils heal and drugs don’t. He clearly lists the differences between essential oils and pharmaceuticals—naming their properties, effects and consequences, and philosophies.

I remember how I felt at school. What I learned from this experience has contributed to creating the Write to Heal Signature Blend (pulse point) and Essential Oil Blend (for vaporiser). It is my intent to assist students of today to thrive instead of survive, to discover their potential and to embrace the myriad of elements they face on a daily basis with grace and ease.

Move beyond the fear of failure, anxiety and mental fatigue… and embrace the joy, mental clarity and develop self-acceptance.

To book your free introductory talk about the Write to Heal Signature Blend at your school (parent/teacher information evening) please contact the undersigned.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥