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Who Am I?

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I had intended to name this post, confession… though it has no religious connotations and I’m not guilty of anything. So, who am I, seemed a more suitable fit.

On the eve of launching the Travel ‘n’ Write guide I found myself unable to sleep. By 1am all manner of thoughts had flowed in and out of my mind, so I got up and wrote them down. Best sleeping medicine ever, I might add!

Like you, I am a beautiful Soul that has embodied a human vessel. Like you, I am here to learn, remember, and surrender, amongst a myriad of other pieces to the whole.

This year for me has been about loving self, and those I care deeply about… my family, friends, acquaintances… even strangers, yes… I care a lot, about the state of the world we are in and about us, the people inhabiting this planet.

This year, I delved into my creativity. Hand in hand with our Creator, I started and completed a list of projects:

My third Memoir completed the trilogy of my memoirs answering the questions of love and belonging

I wrote 20,000+ words of a fantasy novel

I wrote a piece called Home for the Women Who Write Anthology, which I submitted and it was accepted

I wrote another piece called Letter to My Ex for another Anthology and even though this was accepted, the project didn’t go ahead

I compiled information about numerology and offered the Personal Year Numerology PDF

I re-wrote my Write to Heal: Be the Narrator of Your Universe Program and felt so fortunate to share this project with three beautiful Souls

I wrote, recorded and launched the My Year of Joy project… this begins January 2018

I created the Travel ‘n’ Write movie trailer, wrote and launched the Travel ‘n’ Write guide for the conscious traveller and person who seeks to explore the depths of who they are, through meditation and transport

I wrote the Write to Heal Template and trailed this via Skype with friends in Canada… I’ve yet to share this publicly

I don’t share this with you to big-note myself. It is my humble intent to let you know what I learned from the above. Namely the art of completion… patience… and trust.

Let’s begin with completion:

I love beginning a project. There’s excitement behind every new beginning which gives it the momentum to take flight. Over the past nine years especially, since choosing to be self-employed and live a meaningful life through being creative, I have had to learn to cultivate the discipline to see my visions complete. Yet this is not where a project ends.

What comes next is the marketing… selling the creation… and coming up with a figure that encompasses the hours invested in sitting, listening, typing, imagining, talking, drafting, editing, polishing. It’s an accumulation of years and lifetimes of attaining wisdom, knowledge, and information. It has been the selling and putting a price on my creations where I’ve either shrunk or walked away from the project entirely.

Selling what I’ve created is part of the wheel of creation… as though each part of the whole of creation are equal and important.

Imagine, you’ve bought all the ingredients to make a Christmas pudding: the fruit, flour, eggs, cloth etc. You’ve boiled it for 4 hours, yet you’ve neglected to hang it out in the sunshine to cure… resulting in a soggy pudding that will turn mouldy and be of no enjoyment to anyone.

So I’ve had to learn to be a sales person.

Patience is another key to completion. It’s not good for our mental health and wellbeing to think too far ahead, or about the what-if scenarios. In the past when I haven’t seen the results I wanted, I gave up. The older I get it seems this lesson of patience, grows longer and more difficult to sustain. Which leads me to trust.

Why would I not trust when I’m guided to join hands with our Creator, to craft a project into form and not see the results of my labours? To not reach those it was created for, and inspire? But wait… what if all the projects were only for me to learn and remember?

Yes, this is an aspect, though, this too is incomplete within the whole.

The lesson is three-fold: everything I have created has instilled in me the self-confidence and belief in my partnership with our Creator… it is to trust that there is a divine right time for everything… it is to know and appreciate the moments of creation, instead of forever seeking the by-product and end result.

The number of people I reach through my creative projects is never guaranteed, and is unknown.

Just as I reached the end of my string of hope for making a living and fully supporting self through my creative ventures, I thought I heard a whisper… it beckoned me home to remember…


So, who am I? I am — in part — the result of my thoughts and beliefs.

May you be in joy each moment of your creative adventures by being in the here and now. There’s no other place to be. Enjoy the wonder as you wander… for life is indeed a mystery.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Here and Now

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Do you ever wonder what’s next? Where’s this journey taking me?

If you have, does it bother you, consume your thoughts, bind you to an unknown future where many potentialities exist?

Why is it so difficult to remain present in the here and now?

You may recall—if you’ve been following this years posts, that it was my intent to pull self back from future or past thoughts and revert to I am here. Considering we are only 15 weeks away from completing this year, I feel it is a poignant time to bring this message back into focus and share with you how I’m doing being.

I truly love how when you put an intent ‘out there’ it shows up in so many aspects of your life.

At the forefront of my focus in the here and now is when I’m in the presence of loved ones. I used to feel it was an accomplishment to multitask. Now I see this behaviour plays havoc with my energy—the result being that when fully in the here and now, the other person feels respected, appreciated and validated/worthy of the space I am holding for them in that moment.

In my work—written and/or healing, to effectively communicate and express my truth, using discernment and clarity, it is imperative I am in the here and now… for we have all experienced miscommunication and this doesn’t bode well.

As more people commute by car our roads become more congested, being in the here and now enables us to pre-empt another’s mistake giving us the opportunity to avert an unwanted catastrophe.

I love cooking and I soon know if I’m not in the moment when I burn a finger… fortunately this occurs less often 😉

Cooking leads to eating… I find eating a major challenge to fully embrace mindfulness when there is conversation at the dinner table, as this requires me to be in two places at once. I love being attentive to what my loved ones are expressing and I equally love my food. So how does one choose? Do we implement another culture—like that of Chile, where a friend told me eating is sacred and talking is deemed to be rude—or do we practice flitting from one nuance to the other in-between mouthfuls of food and our intake of breath?

All I know is I appreciate the importance of mindful eating, even if I’m not able to practice it often.

There are many more areas of life in which we have the opportunity to be in the moment. I feel what’s important is whatever we are doing, it will be more effective, efficient and satisfying when we are fully present.

The here and now equates to being… the solution as to why it’s so difficult to remain in the here and now is we’ve not been taught the benefits. Like anything worth doing, it takes practice, patience and more practice.

Are you doing or being in this moment? If you had to re-read one or more of the words in this post where did your thoughts migrate to? Share your thoughts and/or experiences in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Goodbye City Hello Sea

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View of the city skyline from Camberwell

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know I moved from country Gippsland to the city twelve months ago. My life had grown stale and there wasn’t the clientele to support me or my family where I was, and much had happened in the eight years I had lived there (you can read about it in my eBook Write to Heal).

The city move was always intended as a stepping stone to some other place. I had images of far away places overseas, such as my idealistic world would have it. This of course did not eventuate. However, I have moved… and it’s to my dream home and in the most perfect location for me.

Goodbye city, hello sea!


A choppy Port Phillip Bay

Right now, I’m feeling super grateful. Yes, it’s been a chore packing up… again! I’ve gotten rid of more stuff! And then there was the unpacking and setting up. Although the fun part was the redecorating… the placement of everything (more on this next week!)

What I cannot ignore though is this feeling of euphoria. I’d say… supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus except for the fact that this is not a real word!!! Although, it does lead one to want to sing and dance.

My move wouldn’t have been so smooth without my list-making and daily journaling. I’ve also implemented a daily 10 min minimum meditation session into my routine, which I’m noticing is producing positive results—for one, better sleep.

What have you recently introduced into your daily routine, and has it made a difference to your life? Share in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle ♥

PS: I couldn’t resist sharing one favourite moment from my city living experience…

“We slowed down as we approached the pedestrian crossing and automatically looked from left to right and back again. No people. Great. Then friend Jenni and I noticed the pigeon. It too looked right then left and stepped onto the crossing. We watched and waited as it nodded its head, strutted its stuff, pranced a dance… and took its time to get to the other side! ~ We laughed so much that the photo opportunity passed us both by. How many times had this bird watched us humans?”


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Write Signs

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Lately the signs have been plentiful. Here’s my take on Write Signs…

Recently I was shown a book. A friend of a friend was reading it. The title was Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Two days later I attended a dream workshop and a member mentioned this book again. I didn’t need the third recommendation to borrow this book from the library! And I’m glad I read it as it gave me much to think about – all positive, of course!

Signs can be direct from Divine Source in the form of a feather, a song that plays on the radio while driving, crows squawking at your front door and much more. Then there are the signs of intuition, those gut feelings that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside or apprehensive and tense. Signs can also be in the form of ideas or thoughts that appear from seemingly nowhere.


A number and feather found on the back patio

It’s no secret I’ve wanted to live by the sea and for some time. And since my journey to Canada where there is a lot of water I’ve felt this pull even more urgently. You may recall I even named my publishing company, Sea Dream Press! Yes, it’s been a big dream!

I wasn’t looking forward to searching for another abode because of past experiences. Yet, I reminded self that the past does not influence now, unless we let it. When I made the decision to leave and set my sights on a seaside town, and took a little action to look, it was only a matter of time before Divine Source stepped in to assist me.

We can look for signs…

tea leaf reading 3 sep

Tea Leaf Reading

The write signs are everywhere 24/7 if we bother to take notice of them. Animals and creatures that cross our path share us their teachings. People we meet come into our lives for a reason, whether it be for a particular moment and purpose, be it short-term or a lifetime. We never quite know or understand why until the play has been fully played out.

The more we pay attention to the signs the further we develop our intuition – we know things are going to happen before they do. Writing about these signs also assists us to develop these skills further.

Personally, I feel grateful for these signs… to be aware of them, acknowledge them and take action from them. My life is more fulfilled because I listen and take notice of the signs. Not to say I’m perfect by any means. I’m not. I can still miss the signs if I’m not grounded or my mind is elsewhere.

What about you… are you becoming increasingly more aware of the signs around you? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle♥


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Duality… inviting the outdoors in

The duality of words. What does WTF stand for?

First up, it stands for Write those feelings! Yes, when you find yourself stuck in a spot and you’re not sure what to do, how to solve a problem, or remove an energy block, write what you’re feeling and be mindful of where this leads you.

I’ve laid out the scene before you… these past few weeks I have found myself stuck. I did what I’ve come to rely on and attempted to write my way out of it. This usually leads me to the core of the issue. However, to my utter disgust and disappointment I found I wasn’t getting anywhere—or so I thought.

The days rolled on. My emotions shifted from frustration to anger before resigning to the fact that I couldn’t figure it out. Writing had done it for me in the past. Why not now?

This led me to visualise some of my clients faces who loathe writing with a vengeance. It frustrates them, bores them to tears, does their head in… are just some of the statements I’ve heard! Now I know how they feel… well sort of.

So, what does one do when the writing doesn’t appear to unravel that tight ball of muddied emotional blockage? Do you yell ‘What the f..k’?

If so, then what?


 Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Be amongst nature and breathe… ahh!

 Turn your attention to a favourite passion you have, for example, gardening, cooking, craft, or play with the family pet. Even cleaning the house can be a good distraction.

 Have a bath. I’ll admit, this was one of my options. It’s quite amazing what warm bubbly water will do for you. I was even fortunate to see a heart made of bubbles… a sign that intuitively said, ‘Hey, you’re loved. Love yourself, you’re going to be fine’.

Walking away from the struggle, whether physical or mental, graces your mind with some space to rest, reassess and realign. It’s usually when you least expect the answer that it’ll arrive literally from nowhere. Going to bed with the question in mind will assist you to wake with a snippet of an answer. This could come in the melody of a song, a tune, or a dream.

Did I resolve my issue? Yes, I did!

How did this feel? Self-empowering!

What have I learned? Don’t give up! Locate your courage and keep going.

What did this entail? Patience… I sat. I listened. I meditated. I wrote and wrote more. I can see investing in the journal-producing industry may be advantageous!

Do I still believe in writing to heal? Absolutely.

What about you… to write, or not to write? This is my question for you. Do you find writing assists you to solve a problem or remove an energy block so you can move forward? Do you have another way of dealing with these?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living ♥

Leanda Michelle