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Life Experiences House Sitting

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House sitting has been quite a journey of delving deeper into self. The take away was discovering exactly where I want to put my roots down. If I had not branched out to different locations I may not have realised this truth.

My first house sit, in March, was in the leafy seaside suburb of Beaumaris. A quiet location, yet it felt pretentious. The vibe was more work-oriented than a balanced lifestyle, though, my summary may have been in haste as it was gathered from only four days. I haven’t included a photo of these two adorable pooches because we didn’t have time to create a close bond, though, they are no less memorable.

My next stop was Korumburra to care for my friend Gloria’s dog, Toto. When we weren’t walking or eating, Toto was keeping me company while I completed my third memoir.

I spent the following two months with two of my sons in Mornington and Mount Martha, before caring for three gorgeous cats in Rosebud. I love the name Rosebud, and while there is the old mixed with the new—seaside cottages and extravagant mansions—it was the land I felt connected to. Rosebud is cocooned between Arthur’s Seat—rolling green hills of abundant nature, and the sea. For me, it feels like the best of both worlds—a kaleidoscope of natural goodness that magically nourishes my soul.

My Beautiful Furry Friends… Love them all!

I then returned to my past… another eighteen-days in Korumburra and twenty-four days in Leongatha, both in the Strzelecki Ranges of Gippsland. I remember the first time I entered our first property in Mirboo North. I knew I’d been there before. It was home. Yet over the course of five years since leaving Gippsland, I’d experienced much change. What I hadn’t realised was the loss and grief I’d experienced when living there had left a scar, and I wasn’t keen to return. I wondered if I had taken a backward step.

Of course, I hadn’t. I came to understand, as new opportunities presented, that I would experience the opposite—joy. It was a balancing of the scales, so to speak. I continued to work on my projects, and found they all came to completion around the same time. Then friend and client, Jenniffer Button asked if I’d be interested in collaborating. I happily accepted the invitation, as we both work from a heart-centred space, and thought it could be fun.

Jenniffer played her crystal singing bowls, while my job was to channel a guided visualisation that led people into their own inner journey of self-discovery. We shared six sessions over a period of three weeks. At the final session I decided, with a prompt from Jenniffer, to tone with the bowls. That’s when the real magic of our collaboration took me to a whole new level.

Guided Visualisation sessions accompanied by Jenniffer Button playing her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls… amazing sound!

The sound of the bowls and my voice became one. I saw and felt the resonance (frequency) vibrate in my vocal cords, as they mixed and integrated in the ether. It was such a joyous feeling that my eyes filled with tears, and I felt my heart expand with love and warmth.

This showed me that we are all instruments in the grand scheme of the Universe, and have the power to tweak, manipulate, sing a different tune, believe a new story, change an old pattern, than we’ve previously sung. In other words, we can be, do, and have anything we want. All we have to do is tune into that frequency. And we do this by playing, experimenting, exploring and creating.

Immersed in colour and fragrance in a private garden – Leongatha

Living in other people’s energy, I’ve no doubt, has broadened my creativity and view of the world. There is no place for judgement and how others live, only a deep pool of gratitude. I’ve loved photographing the herbs and flowers in every garden. Each time I ventured into the garden, I saw something new. And the closer I came in contact with nature, the more beauty I found within self! I’ve made new friendships, both from the animal kingdom and in human form, and my gratitude for their gift of giving and sharing fills my heart with abundance and joy.

One of the greatest joys is hearing about the people’s adventures. Everywhere I house sat, the homeowners went on a holiday: the Barossa Valley, the Greek Islands, England, the USA. And each involved a celebration: a special birthday, visiting family and friends, a marriage proposal.

This is why I love to travel, to experience the world and add depth and meaning to my life. Being free from financial constraints while house sitting has seen my life to be simpler and less stressful. Though, I would like to put my roots down because then there’s always a place to come home to… a point of grounding. I welcome the next stage of my life, however it may unfold. May new opportunities open for us all, to see, explore, dance in a creative world full of love, belonging and working together in balance and harmony, for the greater good of all.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle

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When called to let go of attachments leaves you feeling distraught… remember to immerse yourself in the sunlight.

These are some of my fave photos… things that nourish my soul.

May they ignite the joy and wonder in your world.


Read on a warm spring day surrounded by fresh daffodils and embraced by Mother Earth

(Even when it’s raining we are still blessed with our imagination)

(photo credit: theguardian.com)

Wild Rose candle and light

Light a candle to smother the darkness

sunset over Yarra Glen

Acknowledge the end of today before a new tomorrow


Express Gratitude for all in our life

(photo credit: helpfindhappiness.com/)

Archie & Jazzy Feb 14

Our pets and our children are not ours to own or keep… they are mirrors of what we can learn about self

Collaborative painting

Express your authentic self… be creative… play with colour and patterns


Move your body… quiet the mind

(photo credit: yoganonymous.com)

20120817 Walking Meditation Leanda (2)color adjust

Happiness does not rest upon what we expect

(photo credit: Judith Robuliak)

Release attachment to all that no longer serves you or holds you back

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living ♥

With Love

Leanda Michelle ♥

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Write Communication Skills

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Archie feb 14 1

Discovering An Unexpected Truth About Self

I recently took Archie to the RSPCA for an assessment. At six years and five months I wanted to know if he could be retrained. You see, moving to the big metropolis of Melbourne has been stressful for Archie. He no longer has a large backyard to run around, as he did in Gippsland. He lost his tribe – all three of my sons didn’t move with me. And as much as I tried – yes, there’s that draining energy word – to take him for walks and runs at the park, to tone intentions for a calmer dog, nothing was working and life was becoming more stressful for the both of us.

You see, on any given walk he knew which houses had a dog hidden behind the fence. Even if they weren’t making a sound, Archie would let them know he was approaching. One day I left the house to attend an appointment, I was gone for several hours and upon my return one of the blinds had been damaged. As I rent this house, I was understandably upset and was ready to give Archie up for adoption. Yet, I felt I was missing something. There was some vital link I had yet to understand. I journalled about him, I dreamed about him, and I dealt with him as best as I knew how – until I conceded defeat! It was the thought of not seeing his smiling face again that distressed me the most. What to do?

Dog behaviourist, J, at the RSPCA was brilliant. It was a relief to learn I had been doing a lot of things right, only I was missing one major key element. The right, or in this instance, the write COMMUNICATION skills! What? I’m a writer and a Sound Reiki practitioner and I’m lacking in communication? Yep, you read right. Archie is your typical Cocker Spaniel, crossed with a Border Collie. To him his soul purpose in life is to please me 24/7. However, my sons and I haven’t presented to him the right communication skill set, so a lot of the time he runs about, full of pent up energy and thinks because we are reacting to this, he’s doing good. As James Redfield said…

“Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where intention goes Energy flows”

To change Archie’s behaviour, J first taught me how to get his attention by calling his name. She taught me how to train him to walk to one side of my body, instead of doing his usual criss-cross. J added a reinforcer for good behaviour with a few voice commands. Add to this my body language, and it didn’t take me long to realise that instead of giving voice commands and doing as J was instructing, I froze. I literally held my breath because I didn’t know what to do. Gawd … and I thought Archie was the one who needed the training! We practiced and we reinforced his good behaviour only, and he was doing really well, until J uncovered the toy Jack Russell. HOLY CRAP! Archie went beserk, as he always does when he sees another dog. Then we’d have to start from the beginning, by calling his name. Archie needed to know I wanted his attention, and then it was my job to keep his attention focused on me, and not the toy dog. Isn’t this what we do with our children? For all effective communication we first require their attention.

The good news is Archie passed the test and he is more than capable of being retrained. Now, it’s up to me, to continually reinforce his new behaviour at home. I’m grateful I sought assistance from the professionals – thank you to J and the RSPCA. We really can learn so much from our beloved pets, if we are willing to take the time to sit, watch and learn.

As for my communication skills – I’m working on them 24/7. I still get snapshot images of Archie running free in a large paddock. Who knows, maybe I’m training him for his new home, wherever that may be.

I'm good at hanging about

Do you love your pets and have a story you’d like to share?

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle ♥