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What Does 2018 Represent For You?

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A spontaneous gathering took place two weeks before Christmas. At the time I felt inspired to thank everyone in my life for their continued support. I’d shared photos of previous vision boards, and had asked if anyone would like to know more about how to set an intent for 2018. That’s how the vision board gratitude gathering came to be.

This showed me, again, that I’ve no need to rush to organise myself, get busy being creative, or get my workshops and courses out there for the sake of ‘making something happen’. There is divine plan already in place. All I need to do is listen, show up, and take action when required.

This will be my running theme for 2018… to trust in the synchronicities of life… seek clarity… plan and prepare diligently, quietly, and introspectively for the following year. If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve entered a seven numerological year.

The feeling to be on my own New Year’s Eve was a first. In the past I’ve sought to do something, be somewhere, join others in an attempt to feel like I belong… often to my detriment. Not this year. I felt at home with Self. I didn’t need to be anywhere or do anything, and a joyful energy gently flowed through me as I did what I wanted to do.

I digress.

Getting back to the vision board gathering, many shared their word for 2018. If you’ve been following my blog posts these past five years you will know I’ve had one for each. Some wanted to take action when they hadn’t in the past. Others sought peace after facing many-a-challenge during the year. And while I listened to many varied fabulous words that reflected an aspect of myself too, my word alluded me.

It was during my two week road trip to Adelaide to see my family for Christmas that my word, or mantra, for 2018 became obvious. Clarity.

What does clarity mean to me?

  • Have clear vision of my purpose… with the intent to inspire and uplift
  • Know when to take action and when to be still
  • Understand why I do what I do and how this affects Self and others
  • Accept one step at a time is all I need to be aware of
  • Embrace trust as my natural state of being
  • Be a conscious co-creator

What does clarity mean to you? If you can add to my list, I’m open and grateful to expand on it.

Is there one word you’re drawn to for 2018? What is it and what does it mean to you? Are you aware of your personal year in numerology and what this may indicate? Find out here.

What if you don’t have a word, and don’t have a clear vision for the year ahead? How can you plan when you’ve no idea what’s for your highest good? Where might you begin to find out? Well, I invite you to join me on this year’s seven numerology journey as I step into the unknown, and embrace clarity. It’s my intent that it be a joy-full ride! May all that I share benefit you for when your seven year arises. And if you’re navigating a seven-year too, please comment below.

May this New Year bring you much joy, love and laughter. May you feel fully supported in everything you do, and also know your personal truth and belonging.

Love, Blessings, Friendship and Happiness,

Leanda Michelle ♥

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Labyrinths and Medicine Wheels

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Teepee and labyrinth at Grail Springs

Labyrinth at Grail Springs, Ontario Canada

On numerous occasions while in the US and Canada we had the opportunity to walk labyrinths and medicine wheels. While I’m aware of these experiences and what they have meant to me, this has led me to explore further the significance of each.

Let’s start with the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is deemed to be a sacred ancient symbol. It represents a purposeful journey; a path that leads us to the centre of our being, before returning us to the reality of our third dimensional world. The circle/spiral indicates wholeness and completion of this process we call ‘going within’.

Unlike a maze that is a puzzle to solve with various pathways and blind alleys to navigate, as I wrote about in Sister Cities, the labyrinth is one continuous path in and back out again. The maze is a left brain/logical task while the labyrinth is a right brain/creative and intuitive spiritual experience, which often includes imagery.

The labyrinth, to my understanding, offers us a sacred space in which to seek answers. They are also used for meditation purposes—to still the mind.

Medicine Wheel at Ravens Ridge

Medicine Wheel ~ Ravens Ridge, Ontario Canada

The medicine wheel is similar to the labyrinth in that it connects one with spirit and nature, yet the medicine wheel is utilised for healing, aligning and understanding all aspects of self – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual through prayer and ritual. The North Americans also used it for teaching and celebration. The medicine wheel comes from Native American lore while evidence of the first labyrinths is said to be found in Southern Europe.

The wheel is circular and is a representation of nature—life cycles. Medicine is the life force and/or power of the site. When we have the Divine right medicine we have the energy and the power, along with knowledge to see us move forward on our path with grace and ease.

The medicine wheel can encompass many things – the four directions (east, north, west, south) above and below, which are generally denoted by rocks. It can also be linked to the chakras and include numerology, our ancestors, totem animals, colour, Archangels and the elements (earth, air, fire, water, wood).

At the two medicine wheel sites we visited, powerful crystals had been placed in specific spots to enhance and balance the energies. Some of these were not visible and had been placed deep in the earth.

You may be wondering why I haven’t yet shared my experiences of these sacred spaces. This is because since arriving home I feel a strong push to include these in another book.

So, have you experienced walking a labyrinth or medicine wheel? Please share yours in the comments section below.




Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle♥

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Write Motivation

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Write Motivation


While working on one of my writing workshops I felt compelled to consider where I draw my motivation from… to write these posts, to express my innermost thoughts, to be creative.

I then asked myself the deeper questions like, why do I get out of bed in the morning? Why do I feel motivated to do anything? And there I found my answer. It is all about how I feel at any given moment on any given day. What I am feeling is at the forefront of why I do things.

Anything I do gives my life meaning and where there is meaning there is purpose, which has the potential to lead to fulfillment.

My motivation to write began with wanting to prove to myself I could do it. Yet I found it difficult, tedious, absolute. I procrastinated and saw everything in my daily life as an opportunity to neglect it, to push it aside, save it for another day. I really was very naive to think one day the story would arrive like a train at the station ready to be expressed in its most palpable form.

This didn’t happen of course.

At times I wrote with aggression and spite from a space of depression and allowed this act to be very intermittent, ebbing not flowing until one day I sought my motivation from fear… my fear of dying before I had seen my dream eventuate.

It was this bridge of fear that saw me take the steps required. These somewhat measured steps would lead me to the jump… into the unknown. The unknown was a gamble, not dissimilar to game of chess. At each stage I would meet with Saint Persevere. To persevere is to continue with a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success. Yet Saint Persevere has been my greatest teacher.  

The time has come to change, to move from fear-obtained motivation to honouring the write motivation I feel when inspired by nature, art, people, colour, music and laughter. And when you’re feeling inspired you are also living life in the moment.

What motivates you?

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living

Leanda Michelle