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Who Am I?

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I had intended to name this post, confession… though it has no religious connotations and I’m not guilty of anything. So, who am I, seemed a more suitable fit.

On the eve of launching the Travel ‘n’ Write guide I found myself unable to sleep. By 1am all manner of thoughts had flowed in and out of my mind, so I got up and wrote them down. Best sleeping medicine ever, I might add!

Like you, I am a beautiful Soul that has embodied a human vessel. Like you, I am here to learn, remember, and surrender, amongst a myriad of other pieces to the whole.

This year for me has been about loving self, and those I care deeply about… my family, friends, acquaintances… even strangers, yes… I care a lot, about the state of the world we are in and about us, the people inhabiting this planet.

This year, I delved into my creativity. Hand in hand with our Creator, I started and completed a list of projects:

My third Memoir completed the trilogy of my memoirs answering the questions of love and belonging

I wrote 20,000+ words of a fantasy novel

I wrote a piece called Home for the Women Who Write Anthology, which I submitted and it was accepted

I wrote another piece called Letter to My Ex for another Anthology and even though this was accepted, the project didn’t go ahead

I compiled information about numerology and offered the Personal Year Numerology PDF

I re-wrote my Write to Heal: Be the Narrator of Your Universe Program and felt so fortunate to share this project with three beautiful Souls

I wrote, recorded and launched the My Year of Joy project… this begins January 2018

I created the Travel ‘n’ Write movie trailer, wrote and launched the Travel ‘n’ Write guide for the conscious traveller and person who seeks to explore the depths of who they are, through meditation and transport

I wrote the Write to Heal Template and trailed this via Skype with friends in Canada… I’ve yet to share this publicly

I don’t share this with you to big-note myself. It is my humble intent to let you know what I learned from the above. Namely the art of completion… patience… and trust.

Let’s begin with completion:

I love beginning a project. There’s excitement behind every new beginning which gives it the momentum to take flight. Over the past nine years especially, since choosing to be self-employed and live a meaningful life through being creative, I have had to learn to cultivate the discipline to see my visions complete. Yet this is not where a project ends.

What comes next is the marketing… selling the creation… and coming up with a figure that encompasses the hours invested in sitting, listening, typing, imagining, talking, drafting, editing, polishing. It’s an accumulation of years and lifetimes of attaining wisdom, knowledge, and information. It has been the selling and putting a price on my creations where I’ve either shrunk or walked away from the project entirely.

Selling what I’ve created is part of the wheel of creation… as though each part of the whole of creation are equal and important.

Imagine, you’ve bought all the ingredients to make a Christmas pudding: the fruit, flour, eggs, cloth etc. You’ve boiled it for 4 hours, yet you’ve neglected to hang it out in the sunshine to cure… resulting in a soggy pudding that will turn mouldy and be of no enjoyment to anyone.

So I’ve had to learn to be a sales person.

Patience is another key to completion. It’s not good for our mental health and wellbeing to think too far ahead, or about the what-if scenarios. In the past when I haven’t seen the results I wanted, I gave up. The older I get it seems this lesson of patience, grows longer and more difficult to sustain. Which leads me to trust.

Why would I not trust when I’m guided to join hands with our Creator, to craft a project into form and not see the results of my labours? To not reach those it was created for, and inspire? But wait… what if all the projects were only for me to learn and remember?

Yes, this is an aspect, though, this too is incomplete within the whole.

The lesson is three-fold: everything I have created has instilled in me the self-confidence and belief in my partnership with our Creator… it is to trust that there is a divine right time for everything… it is to know and appreciate the moments of creation, instead of forever seeking the by-product and end result.

The number of people I reach through my creative projects is never guaranteed, and is unknown.

Just as I reached the end of my string of hope for making a living and fully supporting self through my creative ventures, I thought I heard a whisper… it beckoned me home to remember…


So, who am I? I am — in part — the result of my thoughts and beliefs.

May you be in joy each moment of your creative adventures by being in the here and now. There’s no other place to be. Enjoy the wonder as you wander… for life is indeed a mystery.

Write to Heal and make your mark!


Leanda Michelle ♥

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Self Aspects (part 2)

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What has life been like for you this past week? For me it’s been about letting go of past patterns and behaviours that no longer serve me, realising I’ve not been ‘walking my talk’… AND I’ve been ‘shifting the goal posts’!

Welcome to Self Aspects (part 2)…

My mental chatter was a large part of the problem. You’re no doubt aware of those thoughts that seem to sneakily replay over and over, and before you know it you’re on the twentieth round of thinking that same negative thought. And by the twentieth time Divine Source/God is listening and going, ‘Oh, okay, so you’d like to experience that would you?’

‘No! Stop! Wait!’

Then there’s the initial thought or idea that you might like ‘X’ and you focus on it and dream about it, but then ‘Y’ comes into the picture and your attention moves to that. Soon the ‘Z’ scenario appears and you’re off on another tangent. Meanwhile Divine Source/God is listening and saying, ‘So you said you wanted that… but wait, hang on, then you said you wanted this, and now…’

Oh dear 🙁

As for ‘walking my talk’, my iPhone phone recently overheated and shut down (again!) In previous instances, once the device had cooled it was able to be rebooted, but not this time. I contacted Apple only to discover it was outside the one year warranty and would cost me a princely sum to get it serviced, even though I was still bound by my contract repayment. My instant reaction was to do what I’d always done and feel disappointed, wonder where I was going to get the money, look at it as my karma, and the old fave, ‘what could I do to get out of it?’

If I had been ‘walking my talk’ I would have accepted my phone had a dud battery and a hardware problem. To repair or replace would incur a fee and the process would be painless and rectified quickly. The outgoing cost would be offset by my income stream – the process simply a cycle of cause and effect. Having taken action with trust and faith in a power greater than me, would then allow me to focus my energy on more important things.

The mental aspect of Self can feel like one of the hardest tasks to master. It takes skills like observation (without judgement), awareness, listening, stillness and patience, not to mention practice! When we are aware of where our thoughts are at any given time, and we stop and change a negative or worrisome thought to one of positivity, or we release the worry and allow it to be taken care of by Divine Source/God, we embody more light, feel empowered and are using our energy wisely.

However, we are never working solely on one aspect of Self. While the mental chatter was a large proportion of the above issues, I was also made aware of limited beliefs which no longer served me. As always, to heal these involves a most gracious act of heartfelt gratitude and forgiveness, after which I feel lighter and brighter.

Have you been letting go, walking your talk, or shifting the goal posts? If you have a story you’d like to share, please leave your comment below.

Write to Heal and make your mark for life is worth living.

Leanda Michelle ♥