“Dearest Leanda Michelle, From the depths of my heart I thank you for the wonderful work you do to help so many people in so many ways! You’re an inspiration to me and hundreds of others. I see daily the effects of all you do by helping people to connect, learn, heal, understand and grow in such abundance. From the calming Signature Blend essential oil, which I use in my Massage Clinic to the many workshops you provide to help people grow, we are truly blessed to have your wisdom and knowledge available to us. My personal experiences of Sound Reiki healing sessions with you have made an abundance of wonderful positive change within me and your books help to enlighten me also. I look forward to organising a Sound Reiki workshop with you here in early 2017. Gratefully Yours, Carol ūüôŹ


Write to Heal Workshop Testimonials: (please add yours to the comments section below)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 Write to Heal course. It was a lovely way to schedule time out for myself. The ‘homework’ reinforced the message of self care allowing me to continue to give myself some time away to look after my own needs in-between classes.¬†
The Sound Reiki component is pure magic. It is a beautiful part of the meditations that are a part of this course. If only to experience this, the Write to Heal course is worthwhile.
I loved the creative aspects of Write to Heal. As adults, we don’t spend much time in creating for ‘creative sake’. At times, it can be confronting, but¬†Leanda is a gentle teacher. She very sympathetically steers you in directions that you need to go.’¬†
Sarah Barrett Creating Contentment


‘I embarked on the ‘Write to Heal’ journey with basic knowledge of the energy centres¬†and had a gut feeling I was going to enjoy the experience, having already attended three Goddess retreats with Leanda. I brought a willingness and¬†openness¬†to learn and challenge my perceptions. What I received over the course of the workshops exceeded my hopes and expectations.¬†

Every week we were welcomed into a homely, safe environment infused with aromas that were linked to that workshop experience. We were gently informed about the music, essential oils, colour and element of the energy centre we were working on. Then through many varied, creative and exciting ways Leanda guided us to experience and internalise our learning.

The Sound Reiki toning was certainly a highlight for me. Leanda’s toning is something that is hard to describe, yet I often found myself hoping it would go on for longer. She has a very special gift. Guided meditations were also part of each workshop. I always felt safe and grounded. Added to this was Leanda’s nourishing homemade treats, cooked with love.

An extremely important aspect of each workshop was the homework set. Leanda put a lot of thought into making the tasks interesting and varied – these helped me to stay focused and ‘live’ what I had learned at each workshop.

I have gained a better understanding of who I am. Taking the time to stop, look within and accept me for who I am is such a gift. Being gentle with self has allowed me to love me.

A huge thanks to Leanda for inviting me to trial this course, for her caring gentle and nurturing approach,¬†and¬†her planning and deliverance of this series of workshops. I wholeheartedly recommend the ‘Write to Heal’ level 1 certification program and wish Leanda continued success’.

Gloria Cooke ~ July 2014

Sound Reiki¬ģ Testimonials:

‘I had been having chronic ear infections and had been unable to clear them, even with very strong antibiotics. After one Sound Reiki session I could already feel a change. Unable to explain how well I began to feel, I woke with so much energy, my aches and minor pains have gone. And for the first time in many years I have started to think of what I would like from my life. I used to feel numb and went through each day doing what was expected of me, or as I was told. I have now given myself permission to take a break and rest if I‚Äôm tired and I no longer feel numb, and I have found a voice of my own that was always there, I was just too afraid to rock the boat. Sound Reiki has awoken a sleeping sad and lost soul. I feel I have a purpose now. So THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.’¬†Rhonda ~ Mirboo North

‘I have found Leanda’s Sound Reiki sessions to be life changing for me and my family. Her insight into our lives is nothing short of brilliant!¬† Would highly recommend to anyone interested in healing from the inside out :)’¬†Kris ~ Mirboo North

‘I have seen Leanda for Sound Reiki sessions several times this year with excellent results. While Leanda is very perceptive and her voice is powerful, she is also gentle and compassionate. I look forward to my next visit.’ ¬†N.B. ~ Warragul

‘Every journey is a special one. So much love and light emanating, surrounding and energising during all my Sound Reiki healings with Leanda Michelle.¬† Undoubtedly, some of the most cleansing, uplifting and inspiring experiences I have had in many, many years.’ C.G. ~ Mirboo North

Seasons Workshop Testimonials:

‘I looked forward to my third¬† “Awaken your Spirit” event¬† in late September and was certainly not disappointed.¬†¬†
My first weekend retreat in Autumn at Mirboo North was fantastic.  I was made to feel so at home straight away and every goddess celebration brought more delight and relaxation. 
My little home in the hills hosted the Winter one.¬† Leanda and Sage organised everything and we were pampered yet again with scrumptious food.¬† My favourite part is always the Toning; Leanda has such a beautiful gift to share.¬† The tulips we planted in the “Create your Dreams” session have just finished flowering around my fish pond.¬†
The Spring Equinox was a smaller more intimate gathering. Taking the time to be creative with other people was a blessing. 
Gifting myself with these retreats has had lots of flow on effects in my life.¬† I am very grateful to Leanda for being such a meticulous and genuine facilitator.’¬†G.C. ~ Korumburra

‘I look forward to the weekend workshops, making new friends, celebrating the seasons, not to mention the food! Each is such a great learning experience for me. I enjoy it all and get so much out of it.’¬†H.G. ~ Mirboo North

Reviews can also be found in the Shop… just click on the service and read the review. ¬†


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Camilla Hullick

July 31, 2016at 2:23 pm

I have just completed Leanda’s ‘7 Insights To Know Self’, which is a wonderful read, filled with mindful exercises to ponder over. Leanda’s gentle nature is so prominent throughout the process and assists the reader to reach deep into the soul to uncover personal, hidden, valuable insights, which are positively life changing. Not only is this book useful for where one is at presently, but can be revisited again and again during one’s life journey. New self discoveries are assured as growth and healing occur during each significant life chapter. What an amazing tool!

I also listen to Leanda’s ‘Heart Speak Meditation’ before I commence writing, which allow my words to flow from my heart. The meditation quietens and soothes my being, ready to create my passion.

I regularly burn Leanda’s essential oil blend, filling my sacred writing space with a beautiful, distinctive aroma, while I dab the Write To Heal Signature Blend on my pulse points. I have all bases covered, to allow my highest potential to flow freely ūüôā

Thank you so much, Leanda. You are truly an inspirational soul.
Love Camilla xo
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