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Is your life brimming with joy?

The Write to Know Self gatherings began in the Southeastern suburb of Canterbury, Melbourne 2014. The following year they resumed on the Mornington Peninsula. The regulars loved these gatherings just as much as I did. However, I wanted to reach more people and include friends from previous writing groups I’ve been part of, or those I’ve run previously.

I called on the powers that be, waited patiently and listened.

I was guided to create a closed Facebook page, and invite people I knew who I thought may be interested. Once a month after the in-person sessions, I offered the guided visualisations and writing prompts in a live recording to members of the group. While this was partially effective, the piece that was missing was the ability for members to verbally express what they were feeling.

The next step was to find a solution to offering a two-way meeting… the virtual classroom was then revealed. This showed me the potential for a year-long program where people from around the globe could meet and share in their experience. That’s the brilliance of the Joy nugget, one doesn’t need to be ‘in-person’ to experience the same energy.

Whether you are a writer or haven’t written and would like to, these gatherings are intended to inspire and uplift. Memories and experiences shape a person’s life. Write to express your unique voice and receive the benefits of emotional and mental health, and wellbeing. The more you understand you, the easier it is to love yourself, and feel connected to the whole of existence. If you don’t yet know why you matter, I invite you to find out.

These gatherings are not based on whether you can spell, and are about having fun using your senses. Invest in you and discover your creative potential.

It is my pleasure and absolute honour to share this with you.


Leanda Michelle ♥


Leanda Michelle has 16yrs writing experience, is the author of 3 books, and loves facilitating workshops. She looks forward to sharing these with you in the virtual classroom… READ MORE & REGISTER HERE

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March 30, 2017at 6:58 am

Dear Leanda,
Your workshop left me brimming with joy. To share time with like-minded souls nourishes the spirit and the mind. As I expected you gave us great subjects to write about and your guided meditation was both thoughtful and inspiring. I know which platform I want to leave from…
Thank you and blessings x

    Leanda Michelle

    April 1, 2017at 2:40 pm

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed the writer’s gathering… I too, felt full of joy during and after. Which reminds me, I must revisit those platforms! I look forward to sharing more joy-filled exercises with you soon… blessings and love♥

Barbara Burdon

April 1, 2017at 3:54 pm

Leanda – what a reminder that Joy is always there -even when we live in such a crazy world. The opportunity you offered in allowing me to stand back for a short space of time and to focus on the way I can bring in more joy to my life was a timely reminder of what is important.
I loved the stories, colours and meditation and the beautiful nurturing space you created.
Thank you for that very special time

    Leanda Michelle

    April 1, 2017at 4:29 pm

    Thank you too, Barbara, for sharing in the essence of joy. I’m finding the more I focus on the energy of this word, the more joy that appears in my life. I look forward to sharing more joy with you. May you continue to discover joy, daily♥

Del Skinner

July 17, 2017at 8:01 pm

I love these workshops and have been attending whenever I can for … goodness knows how long. The guided visualisations are a lovely way to shut off the logical and write from the creative heart. I have laughed, cried, shed some hurts and enjoyed yummy suppers. I thank you Leanda for this great experience.

    Leanda Michelle

    July 17, 2017at 8:20 pm

    I remember when you first inquired Del… I was living in Melbourne, and you weren’t able to attend. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live on the Mornington Peninsula, and share what I love doing, with you. Thank you for being open to receive and immerse self in your creative brilliance♥

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