Write to Heal

Drawing on my life’s experiences to date I ask if you will journey with me through the pages of my maze that starts in the south, moves to the west and progresses to the east of Australia, in my book Write to Heal. Forever questioning where I belong and what my purpose is in this material world set me on a course of healing. I would stumble and fall, move away from my path and somehow find it again all the while yearning to be heard and acknowledged, for I fought so hard to find the love that lay hidden within.

In the year 2000 I wrote my first words and within two years had completed the first draft of my life’s story. It failed. I wrote again, but not until I’d attempted several genres, and not until six years had passed – then it was because there had been much upheaval; separation, death and grief. There was always a small thread of hope attached to my words, that someday they might be shared to assist others, like you, a seeker on your journey.

What I discovered is writing is energy in motion. When one tunes into their heart in collaboration with their mind, they find a deep well full of knowledge and inspiration where creativity holds no bounds. The act of writing enables one to be present, in the moment and connected to Source/God and Mother Earth. Everything one writes is a gold nugget, and has the potential to be a doorway that leads us to releasing our past, so we may become the best version of self. It was when I linked my writing pursuits with my healing practices that I found the gold nugget I’d been looking for—write to heal and make your mark!

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Write to Heal Workshops

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Sound Reiki® Master/Teacher (2013-2015)

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Cert III & IV Aged Care, Palliative Care, Lifestyle & Leisure (2008)

Introductory Psychology (1999)

Reiki I & II (1998)

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