Writer’s Compass

Discover and express your personal truth with a private Writer’s Compass consult. Step into your flow and navigate the writing cycle with grace and ease.

Which direction is your Writer’s Compass pointing?

East: Behold your vision and birth your writing and/or projects. Feel inspired and set your words in motion (air).

South: Sing and dance your writing and/or projects into form. Feel passionate and fill your creations with energy (fire).

West: Seek clarity when your written words and/or project stagnates (water).

North: Attain wisdom and clear connection from your written words and/or projects. They have infinite potential. Receive your vision and prepare to set it alight in the east (earth).

Add ABOVE and BELOW, and the inter-cardinal directions North East, South East, South West, North West, and every aspect is covered… discover your creative potential!

  • Whether you’ve been writing for years or have just begun, the benefits of a private Writer’s Compass Consultation is vast (see testimonials in the comments section below).

  • You may feel drawn to the Write to Heal Template (PDF download), where you’ll learn about structure, feel motivated, see the outline of your project, and by-pass the mistakes.

  • The Write to Know Self gatherings are held online in the virtual classroom and are not based on whether you can spell and/or use the correct punctuation. The group is theme-based… 2018 is JOY.

  • The Write to Heal Be the Narrator of Your Universe, and Cycle of Nine Programs include: writing and art, Sound Reiki® toning, guided visualisations, essential oils and more. Invite the seasons and cycles into your life.

  • Have you wanted your family history recorded for future generations?

How Leanda became a writing workshop facilitator

Throughout Leanda’s life she has thoroughly enjoyed organising events. This began in her teens when a member of Rotaract—the junior version of Rotary. In her role as International Director she raised funds for charity by hosting a variety of events. This extended to raising funds for friends in need, and when she worked in the Aged Care Industry as a lifestyle coordinator, fundraising for new equipment to benefit the residents.

In 2009 Leanda formed a writing group – Ridge Writers. She wanted to share her love of writing with like-minded people. Three years later and she was successful in obtaining a grant from Mirboo North & District Community Foundation to hold a Writing for Wellbeing event, where she facilitated a characterisation workshop utilising writing as a tool for healing.

A student reading her Story to fellow year 10 classmates @ Mirboo North Secondary College ~ Mindful Words Program with Leanda Michelle

Like other creative outlets such as art and music, writing is not only good for the heart and soul, but also helps us maintain balance in our lives, which in turn keeps us healthy. Expressing our feelings through the written word, whether it’s anger, grief, passion, guilt, fear or gratitude gives us an outlet for our emotional and mental health and wellbeing, and may help avoid some of the symptoms of stress that would otherwise stay bottled up inside.

The outcome from a specialised writing workshop is vast. While some may recognise writing as a positive form of escape from some of the daily struggles in life and use it as a problem solving technique, and alternative to alcohol and drugs, many will discover an innate hidden creative talent.


Write to Heal Retreat 2015 ~ Mornington Peninsula


Write to Heal Wholeness Workshop ~ Toronto, Canada

Leanda looks forward to sharing with you, your group or school, what she has learned about writing as a beneficial therapeutic tool. Whether in the classroom with students, with community groups or one on one, Leanda’s purpose is to ignite your creativity and help you to discover your voice.

“What I experience in Leanda’s creative writing sessions is being immersed in the ‘flow’. It is this state of consciousness that I seek to employ in my next vocational role” ~ M.K. Melbourne

“Totally beautiful, brilliant & blissful day” ~ O.S. Toronto

“Far exceeded my expectations!” ~ N.F. Toronto

Please connect to discuss.

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (1998-2014)
Sound Reiki® Master/Teacher (2012-2015)
Diploma Professional Writing & Editing (2011)
Cert IV Small Business Management (1998 & 2012)
Cert III & IV Aged Care, Palliative Care, Lifestyle & Leisure (2008)
Supervisor Food Handling Cert (2010)
Introductory Psychology (1999)
Reiki I & II (1998)
Writers Victoria Member



May 21, 2017at 1:54 am

I love working with Leanda! Twice, we’ve had one-on-one sessions and she amazes me with her guidance, tips, and tricks. The first time, I noticed that I was writing like a diary entry and wanted to change writing to my audience. Her advice was perfectly in line with my practices and it enabled me to connect deeper, and anchor in and bring out an inviting message.

The second time, I was very stuck on HOW to write a series of emails to my audience. I was very logical – this is my theme, these are the actions, and this is what’s going to happen. It very much felt as if I had separate ingredients and I didn’t know how to put it together. After Leanda’s guidance, it felt like we made a cake. And what was once just sprinkles, there is now layers of cake and icing on top.

Her method, approach, style is wonderfully gentle with accurate precision. I’m excited to use these new skills and connections to enhance my written expressions. 🙂

    Leanda Michelle

    May 21, 2017at 11:37 am

    It’s been an honour and a pleasure to work with you too Adele… thank you sincerely for your wonderful testimonial! I look forward to reading your inspirational messages♥

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